Let The Kirk Cousins Bidding War Begin


Normally, I’d caution against taking market or betting advice from me. I unsuccessfully dabbled in the stock market, stubbornly sat out of the crypto surge, and then dumped my $401K into a sports blog that has taken over my life (thanks for reading). But you can take my non-expert advice to the bank this time around.

If given the opportunity, buy Kirk Cousins trade stock immediately. This, after it was announced on Tuesday morning (via The Pat McAfee Show) that Aaron Rodgers is returning to the Packers. Within the same hour, news broke that the Denver Broncos were trading multiple first round picks for Seahawks QB, Russell Wilson.

And just like that, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is the best QB on a still rabid trade market full of teams vying desperately for an improvement at the most important position in mainstream sports.

Kirk Cousins Trade Stock Rising

So now that the two top prizes are off the market, NFL offseason dominoes have been falling fast. There is a lot of pent-up energy that’s been releasing through the league’s rumor mill today. Schefty (ESPN) and the guys over at NFL Network are working their thumbs into carpal tunnel as you read this.

And plenty of franchises are still looking to improve QB play this offseason. The teams who consider themselves “just a quarterback away” include Carolina (who’s already been connected to Kirk Cousins this offseason), Pittsburgh, Cleveland, New Orleans and Washington, among others.

Maybe it’s true that the new Minnesota Vikings’ brain trust had planned on keeping Kirk Cousins. But if a quarterback desperate team offers a first round pick in April’s draft, plus more… I’m just not sure how the Vikings can say no to that kind of organizational restart.

And in a world where the Seahawks pull in this haul — (2) 1st round picks and (2) 2nd round picks, plus players — you cannot convince me Cousins’ would demand anything less than a 1st rounder in any trade scenario the Vikings would consider.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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