If Kyle Lowry Hits the Buyout Market, Timberwolves are a Team to Watch

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The NBA trade deadline is February 8, just a couple weeks away, and teams are starting to make moves. On Tuesday, the Miami Heat acquired Terry Rozier from the Charlotte Hornets for Kyle Lowry and a first round pick, one of the more notable deals of season so far.

Terry Rozier has been the solid all season for the Hornets, averaging just over 23 points a game. The Heat, who are in danger of falling into play-in tournament range out East, needs another playmaking/scoring punch and they got it in Rozier.

Kyle Lowry Will Likely Be Bought Out

Rozier was in Minnesota last night, where he helped the Hornets upset the Wolves to pick up their 10th win of the season. Lowry now heads to Charlotte where rumors are already swirling about a likely buyout.

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With the Timberwolves looking for an extra point guard, will they try and acquire Kyle Lowry? It’s certainly possible, says Darren ‘Doogie’ Wolfson (KSTP, SKOR North), who joined the Mackey and Judd show on Tuesday (20-minute mark — transcribed below).

“Chris Finch was in Toronto for a few months will Kyle Lowry, Chris Finch has a relationship with Kyle Lowry. I think the Wolves are going to, at least internally, have the discussion, ‘hey does he make sense over us trading for somebody like Monte Morris’? But I can just tell you that is a name to keep an eye on, as the buyout market ramps up after February 8.”

Darren Wolfson – Mackey & Judd (SKOR North)

Minnesota Timberwolves Need An Upgrade At PG2

Jordan McLaughlin has been backing up Mike Conley for most of this season, and he’s been fine. But with guys like Tyus Jones, Kyle Lowry, Malcolm Brogdon and others on the market, an upgrade makes a ton of sense. And as we saw last night in a game where Conley didn’t play, any ball-handler on roster not named Mike Conley struggles to keep this team focused on things that matter.

The Hornets want to go into tank mode and Lowry wants to play for a contender. Problem is, nobody wants to trade for his contract, which is why a buyout makes more sense. If that happens, most of the best teams in the NBA (Suns, Warriors, Celtics, Bucks, Warriors, Clippers, Nuggets) can’t sign him because they’re already in the 1st or 2nd aprons of the luxury tax.

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That won’t make a pursuit for Lowry unchallenged. Wolfson says the favorite to land him in the buyout market would be his hometown 76ers. Still, it appears the Wolves would at least be trying to wiggle into the conversation, if they don’t find a better option via trade.

Kyle Lowry won’t help the Timberwolves on defense but he’d provide the leadership, ball-handling and outside shooting ability they need. Lowry is 37 years old, started his career in Memphis, getting drafted 24th overall in the first round in the 2006 NBA draft.

“I continue to see Shake Milton elsewhere. The idea of them updating the backup point guard spot but still somebody who can make 3-point shots, that makes a ton of sense. I will be surprised if the Wolves don’t do anything.”

Darren Wolfson – Mackey & Judd (SKOR North)

Lowry was traded to Houston in 2009, got more playing time and than was traded again in the offseason of 2012, to the Toronto Raptors, where he made a name for himself as one of the best point guards in the NBA.

In 2021 the Miami Heat made a move for Lowry hoping he would be what they now hope Rozier will be the extra boost of talent they needed next to Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Lowry has dealt with a couple minor injuries over the last couple of seasons, but still played a solid role for the Heat (28 MPG)

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