Chris Finch Disgusted by Timberwolves Immature Basketball vs Hornets

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The Minnesota Timberwolves have now suffered two losses in a row, after falling to the 9-31 Charlotte Hornets on Monday night at Target Center, on the same night Karl Anthony Towns scored a franchise record 62 points.

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There’s no way of sugarcoating a horrendous loss like this one. Not against one of the worst teams in the entire NBA. Not only In what could be the worst defensive performance all season long for the Wolves.

Chris Finch Disgusted

Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch didn’t hold back over his frustrations at the postgame press conference. Fincy was rightfully upset with how poorly his team played and he was ready and willing to publicly throw anyone and everyone under the bus.

“It was an absolute disgusting performance of defense and immature basketball… all the way through the game. So it really didn’t slip away. It had been there from the jump. This is what happens when you have this type of approach.”

Finch says he knew right as the game tipped off, and early on in the game, his team didn’t show up on the defensive end tonight. He tried to convince the team during the game, knew there focus wasn’t there, “oh yeah, you could tell from the beginning that it was one of those nights”.

He unsuccessfully swapped out defensive schemes and tried waking them up at halftime. But the effort and focus wasn’t there and as the scoreboard shows that’s not how you win basketball games.

“I kept imploring them to try and compete and play some defense. Switching back between man and zone, being able to contain the ball. Get up, get up on the shooters… umm… just… yeah, messages weren’t getting through.”

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The wolves have consistently been the best defensive team in the NBA all season long. They currently lead the league in defensive rating (109). Defense is what the Timberwolves have built their 2023-24 reputation on. But they didn’t bring it tonight. When asked after the game, Ant agreed with Finchy. “Immature as fuck”.

Are The Minnesota Timberwolves In A Slump?

Finch stopped short of saying he was concerned about the the Wolves long term. It’s a long season, he said, and they just didn’t have it tonight. Now that they’ve dropped two straight losses at home, something that hasn’t happened all season long, it’s worth asking: Is this team in a slump?

Well, I don’t think that’s what we can call it… yet. They took a really good Thunder team down to the wire the other night, and they played like crap on Monday night. Maybe it’s nothing more than that. Hopefully, this serves as a wakeup call.

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