Kirk Cousins + Terrible Refs Cost Vikings Win In Lambeau

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Well, I was wrong about a few things this week. I gave the Packers defense WAY too much credit when I said their front-4 were really good. Dalvin Cook ran all over them. I thought Kirk Cousins would have to lift the Vikings if they were going to win in Lambeau, but that wasn’t the case. Dalvin is a monster and, if he stays healthy, will challenge Adrian Peterson as the greatest RB in Vikings’ history. You heard it here first.

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With the clinic Cook put on, Kirk Cousins’ only job was to manage the game. Don’t turn the ball over, hit open receivers, and don’t make poor decisions that might take points off of our board and/or put them on the Packers’. It shouldn’t have been too much to ask out of a QB you are paying $28 Million/year.

He fumbled in the beginning of the game, missed open receivers in the middle, and made terrible decisions at the end. They all cost us big time, in either points, turnovers, or first downs. The biggest mistake came with time running low in the 4th quarter, Dalvin Cook had moved the Vikings all the way down the field. It was first and goal and we were about to take the lead.

At this point, I was pulling up this laptop to write a story about how in the hell the Vikings pulled out this game… They were down 21-0 at one point, before Zim figured out whatever it was that had thrown his defense for a loop in the first quarter. Meanwhile on offense, Dalvin Cook is running up and down the field on (supposedly) the best part of this Packers “improved” defense, single-handedly keeping the game within reach. It was pretty unbelievable.

But then….. after already trying to lose the game multiple times, in many different ways, Kirk Cousins struck again and this one hurt the worst by far. For a guy that is supposed to be as smart and cerebral as he is, this was just un-fucking-believable. Hell, this would have been surprising and idiotic had I thrown it, in this situation. There was only ONE thing you couldn’t do here and Cousins did it…

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Meanwhile, the refs in this game were so obviously giving calls to the Packers, that Chris Myers (play-by-play guy) called them out multiple times. You had the Diggs TD that was overturned because of an official-reviewed offensive pass-interference penalty… since when do PI challenges overturn things, especially on a standard TD review? They haven’t all season, no matter what the rule book now says.

By the end of the game, the Packers had committed 6 penalties for 35 yards and the Vikings had 8 for 100 yards… I like how they threw in a couple of late ones against GB so the numbers look a little better. The yards give it away though, so joke’s on them… well, probably not. The joke seems to always be on us.

I’m always looking to the bright side of things though..

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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