Kirk Cousins Escapes to Antigua for Stem Cell Treatment on Achilles

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Most Americans who hop on a plane and head to Antigua and Barbuda, a two-island nation at the southern tip of the Caribbean Islands, do so for vacation purposes. The islands are known for their 365 beaches and, in the middle of a polar vortex up and around Minnesota, is there anywhere else you’d rather be right now?

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I’ve never been there, but laying the beach sounds pretty darn good this morning. That’s not why Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins was in Antigua last week, though. Instead, he was there to receive stem cell treatment on his surgically repaired achilles tendon.

Kirk Cousins receives stem cell treatment in Antigua

News reporters from Antigua/Barbuda Broadcasting Services (ABS) were at the airport when Kirk’s plane landed, had cameras in his room as he was prepped for the procedure and even got a 1v1 interview with the Vikings QB beforehand.

“I don’t know what’s coming, but I know my Achilles needs to be as healthy and strong as possible, as soon as possible. I’m here in Antigua as a way to not necessarily speed up the healing process but just make sure when I do come back that my Achilles is as strong as it can possibly be and that I have a lot more football… American football… left in me.”

Kirk Cousins

Dr. Chad Prodromos, a stem cell specialist in Chicago, recommended the treatment and flew to Antigua with Cousins. Dr. Prodromos told ABS that the procedure Kirk had is not available in America, due to FDA regulations. The stem cells themselves, he told KARE 11 (NBC) back in Minnesota, are FDA approved and from Colorado.

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