Kirk Cousins Expects to Stay in Minnesota Beyond 2023

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Now that Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings have consummated their relationship yet again, vowing faithfulness to one another through the 2023 season, the ever controversial quarterback is doing some victory laps through his preferred media channels.

He did a Zoom interview with rising media powerhouse, 10K Takes, last night, then hit the KFAN radio airwaves with Mark Rosen and Dan Cole on Tuesday afternoon. And it was there that Kirk’s comments caught my attention. Not only did #8 tell KFAN he was always confident he’d return to the Vikings in 2022, but he said he “expects” to be in purple beyond the 2023 expiration date of his new contract.

What does this mean?

Personally, I believe Kirk will be a different QB under Kevin O’Connell. And if so, he very-well may stay longer than his new deal dictates. But Cousins, unless he’s a prophet and hasn’t told anyone, doesn’t know what his future holds nor does he have any idea of where he’ll be play football beyond 2023. Which is exactly why he prefers short-term deals that prioritize guaranteed money and allow him maximum flexibility when negotiation time comes.

I’m not doubting how much Kirk likes it here. He’s a young family man with small children and Minnesota is a perfect place to raise them. As a parent, moving your kids around is difficult and retiring a Viking might very well be his goal.

But goals aren’t the same as expectations. And a lot can happen in the next 650+ days. So why start a Minnesota sports civil war by telling fans and media that you “expect to be here long term”? Because guess what, Kirk. If staying in Minnesota long-term was REALLY the main priority, you would’ve signed a longer term deal that prioritized such.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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