Kirk Cousins Details Why Tyler Conklin is Binge Watching Nicolas Cage and Harrison Ford Movies

Despite a 2-3 record and some training camp consternation surrounding vaccine protocols and beliefs, the Minnesota Vikings currently look like they’re riding in one of the steadier ships floating throughout the NFL seas. You’ll always get some hard-hitting questions that rub players the wrong way, of course. Like when Bashaud Breeland stepped to the podium last week. But the mood has been pretty light recently, especially when Kirk Cousins steps to the podium.

Playing well makes everyone appreciate you and Kirk Cousins is walking proof of that so far during the 2021 season. Should his play fall off, old narratives and previous vitriol would resurface faster than you can log into Twitter. With Kirk’s stock at an all time high, NFL Films decided to mic him up last week vs Detroit and they put a 50-second clip on Twitter Tuesday.

Hey Kirk, what’s your sudden obsession with Nicolas Cage?

At the 25-second mark of the short clip above, after he passive-aggressively rips Justin Jefferson’s pregame visor, Kirk mentions Nicolas Cage, flagging down Harrison Smith to reveal “another Nick Cage movie” he randomly had thought of. The world needed to know more.

So at the end of his press conference on Wednesday, Cousins was asked about the seemingly random Nicolas Cage reference in that social media clip. He didn’t shy away from giving a full background on the situation and didn’t leave any details out. Sometimes, the perfect question is asked at the perfect time and this was just one of those moments.

If you were born anytime during the 80’s, Nicolas Cage is probably a big part of your life. Millennials everywhere are going to sleep better tonight knowing Kirk Cousins is helping to keep our Playstation 1 and Nokia block phone culture alive.

If you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan who doesn’t like great movies from a great decade then you can take solace in the podium greatness of Kirk Cousins on Wednesday. I’ve written about it already. This is a different guy we’re suddenly seeing in 2021.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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