Kirk Cousins as Boombox Hype Man is Content that Needs to be Spread Far and Wide

Kirk Cousins’ wife can dream about her husband’s triumphant Super Bowl return to the Minnesota Vikings lineup all she wants but all you have to do is watch these Vikings backup QBs each week and you’ll quickly realize that isn’t going to happen.

But on Sunday, he at least returned to the Vikings sideline and locker room for today’s all-important game vs the division-leading Detroit Lions. We aren’t sure exactly what Kirk’s game day duties consist of, but we do know what his job was pregame.

Kirk Cousins playing boombox hype man

Yes, playing quarterback for an NFL team is an important job, probably one of the most important in all of sports. But not all game day heroes save the world while the clock is running.

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And one duty that might hold equal, if not more importance than playing quarterback, is holding the oversized boombox in the tunnel pregame, right before starters get introduced by the PA announcer. When I think ‘hype man’ I think Kirk Cousins.

It’s hard to finish this blog with more sarcastic jokes about how Kirk Cousins hyping up teammates before the game by awkwardly holding a boombox is better than him playing quarterback. Not while Nick Mullens throws more completions to the Lions than he does his own teammates.

I just miss Kirk Cousins, man.

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