Kirk Cousins Shows Off Achilles and Fear of Heights During Decision Day Birthday Party

Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings
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“Kirk Watch 2024” continued Sunday afternoon, but the most recent “update” was a bit different than the insider reports that surfaced earlier in the day. This one came via Kirk Cousins, himself, and it had zero DIRECT correlation with the contract offer he is reportedly mulling over today.

It came via a high-wire act at his son Turner’s 5th birthday, assumedly Sunday afternoon, that was caught on video and published to his instagram story just after 2 p.m. CDT. In the video, Cousins looks like he is repelled about 50 feet in the air, where he is harnessed at the chest while he attempts to walk on some sort of horizontal rope-style ladder crossing.

Kirk Cousins does high-wire act (no really) on decision day

If you have the sound on, you can hear Kirk’s fear of heights kicking in as he cries (and this is a legitimate quote, listen for yourself), “Ohhh nooo… Ohhh noooo, no. Daddy doesn’t like this.”

I know we have posted a lot about Kirk Cousins over the past few days, as we get to the thrilling finish of “Kirk Watch 2024”, and I almost didn’t write anything on this video. But after hearing the sound, I just had to. Because not only is it hilarious, you can’t help but believe that it has some strategy behind it, too.

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Sure, Kirk is afraid of heights and sounds scared shitless up there. But there’s no doubt an activity like this is much more strenuous use of his recovering achilles tendon than any video we have seen to this date, including his dancing on stage at the NFL Honors show and doing dropbacks on a tennis court just as combine week was about to kick off.

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