Keyshawn Johnson Tries to Bash Kirk Cousins; Forgets He Didn’t Throw Minneapolis Miracle

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins
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Kirk Cousins joined the Minnesota Vikings during the offseason preceding the 2018 offseason. The move came after the Vikings had an impressive 13-3 record the previous year, highlighted by the memorable Minneapolis Miracle.

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While many may recall that moment, it’s important to note that Case Keenum was the quarterback who threw the pass to Stefon Diggs on that iconic play, which I know you already knew.

Keyshawn Johnson mistakes Case Keenum for Kirk Cousins during Minneapolis Miracle

However, Keyshawn Johnson, a TV personality and former superstar wide receiver turned NFL analyst was seemingly unaware or had forgotten this fact on FS1’s “Undisputed” Friday. While trying to criticize Kirk Cousins for his limited playoff victories, Johnson incorrectly asserted that Cousins was the QB who threw the Minneapolis Miracle into existence.

Whether his gaff was due to a lack of knowledge or just a brain fart, it led to one of the more cringy and embarrassing moments in Johnson’s football career (and that’s saying something). Worse yet, though? Nobody else on the show corrected him…

“He’s 1-3 lifetime in the postseason and the only win is the, the miracle, the eyes closed by the New Orleans Saints, that’s the only one”

Keyshawn Johnson

It’s quite amusing to see someone who is paid to discuss sports on television get their facts wrong as badly as this. It’s not just Vikings fans who know the players involved in the Minneapolis Miracle.

I’d venture to say that a significant portion of NFL fans know that it was Case Keenum who threw that iconic touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs, before Kirk was brought in that offseason, as the piece to get Minnesota over the hump.

Is Keyshawn mistaking one Vikings playoff win over Saints with another?

Perhaps Johnson intended to reference the playoff game in the 2019-20 season, which does stand as Kirk Cousins’ only playoff win, when the Vikings faced the New Orleans Saints (in NOLA, not Minneapolis).

While it’s the same team involved, it’s kind of classic that Keyshawn would remember Kirk for a lucky miracle heave, instead of the incredible performance he put on in 4th quarter and overtime in January 2020. I mean, his pass to Adam Thielen (above) was one of the most beautiful postseason passes thrown by a QB in Vikings history.

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Then, just in case you (or Keyshawn Johnson) forgot, it was Kirk who threw a perfect 3rd down touch pass into the corner of the endzone to Kyle Rudolph for the win.

Mixing that game up with one of the most iconic miracle moments in NFL playoff history, probably has more to do with Kirk Cousins bias, than anything else. But when trying to spew hate for Kirk Cousins, the football world will reach however deep into their bag of criticisms as necessary… even if said criticisms don’t actually exist.

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