Kevin Garnett Demands More NBA MVP Love for Anthony Edwards

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Minnesota Timberwolves
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The Minnesota Timberwolves are playing the Charlotte Hornets tonight, a contest in which Anthony Edwards landed on the day of injury report as ‘Questionable’, due to illness. What’s making Kevin Garnett sick, though, is the lack of NBA MVP love and hype that Ant is getting at the halfway mark of the season.

KG Certified: Kevin Garnett disgusted by lack of Anthony Edwards MVP hype

On his show ‘KG Certified‘ with Paul Pierce, Garnett picked Anthony Edwards as his mid-season MVP and expressed his disappointment that Ant isn’t on more lists. National basketball pundits might find KG’s pick shocking, but he’s right, there’s nothing controversial about having Edwards as your MVP, to this point of the season.

“Another kid that don’t get the press: Anthony Edwards, bro. Anthony Edwards, and he’s my pick for MVP early. Hear me out. You know why? Boy, you got a closer. You got a closer. You got a ***** who ain’t running from no pressure! He want the shot and he can get y’all into fouls early. He can make plays. He can play off [the ball], he can play on [the ball]. Bro, you need a ***** like Anthony Edwards, bro!”

“When you going against four, five stars. When you Superman, you looking at the three goddamn villains, bro you need an Anthony Edwards. He’s helping KAT, he’s pushing the whole thing. Bro, they number one in defense! And they figured out that Twin Towers shit, you hear me? So, I feel like [Ant] and [Jayson] Tatum as the number one teams in the league, they don’t get enough press bro.”

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Ant is THE GUY for the Minnesota Timberwolves…

But it shouldn’t be. Not only is he the best player on the best team in the Western Conference THE GUY for the best team in the Western Conference. When the Minnesota Timberwolves need an MVP moment, they give the ball to Ant.

And, outside of two ugly missed free throws and some lame excuses last week after a loss vs OKC, he’s delivered more times than not. Edwards shouldn’t be a surprise pick for MVP at the halfway point. He’s been that and more.

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