Justin Jefferson Takes Huge Dump on Kirk Cousins While Comparing Him to Joe Burrow


Well it’s Tuesday, May 11 and that probably means it’s a good day for Minnesota Vikings fans to fight over Kirk Cousins on Twitter. This time, however, the fuel has been tossed onto the fire by our favorite 2021 NFL rookie, Justin Jefferson.

That’s right, JJ came after Kirk Cousins today while doing an interview on Collin Cowherd’s “The Herd” radio show. He didn’t mean to do it but, yikes, you have to talk better than this. When I ran into this video, I thought the caption was just Twitter being Twitter. But then you press play and quickly realize it’s 45 seconds of Justin Jefferson shitting on Kirk Cousins (just like the caption says) in favor of Joe Burrow.

Kirk Cousins vs Joe Burrow (according to Justin Jefferson)

Cowherd starts the video by asking how Burrow and Cousins are similar and how they are different. I’ll transcribe Jefferson’s answer below, just in case you aren’t able to turn your sound up where you are.

Similar? Kirk and Joe throw similar balls. They’re not the strongest arm but they’re going to get it to you exactly where you need them to throw it, you know what I’m saying? But the thing about Joe that’s a little bit different. Joe… umm, I feel like Joe has a little bit more swagger, you know? He has that confidence on the field and, I mean, he’s not scared to get hit. And I feel like, as a quarterback, that’s a big trait to have, especially to be as young as he is. You know, he’s a phenomenal quarterback.

Justin Jefferson on The Herd (video above)


Look, maybe Jefferson praises Kirk Cousins right before this or 5 minutes later, who knows (you can see the full interview below). But there’s a point to be made even before you see the rest. JJ can’t give media outlets sound clips like this to run with. A clip of this nature can (and will) blow up in today’s social media world.

Joe Burrow isn’t your quarterback anymore, Justin. Kirk Cousins is. You play for the Vikings, not Tigers. I love honesty but you have to talk better than this when a microphone and camera are sitting in front of your face.

You were asked to compare Burrow and Cousins. So by saying, “the thing about Joe that’s a little bit different…” ‘is his swagger, confidence and fearlessness while in the pocket’, you’re saying Kirk lacks in those areas.

Of course media outlets are going to pounce on this. I mean, what does something like this say about JJ’s thought process when he gets in THE VIKINGS huddle with Kirk Cousins, especially if the game is on the line? I know I’m concerned… Here is the full interview.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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