Highest Profile CFB Players Emerge in Support of 2020 Season as #WeWantToPlay Climbs Trending Charts

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Depressing reports have been dropping all weekend about the sure-fire demise of college fall sports in 2020, including football. Earlier in the weekend, the Big Ten was reportedly going to pull the plug… but the announcement keeps on getting delayed. Tonight, we moved closer… but still nothing.

As the cancellation of college football in 2020 is being debated, players are finding their voices. We had only heard from about the 40-ish players (including Rashod Bateman) who had chosen to opt-out of football this season. Finally, we are starting to hear from those who want to play… and the names are GIANT. Trevor Lawrence came out with the most powerful statement.

#WeWantToPlay is trending on Twitter and hundreds of college football players have tweeted it out tonight. Will any of it matter, though? That’s the real question.

Everyone cared when we saw players start opting out. Now though, you can already see the COVID shaming taking place. I wrote about it yesterday (and clearly nobody gives two shits what I think), but you can catch corona anywhere. If not on a college football field, then at a grocery store or gas station. Unless you’re going to lock yourself in (college players aren’t and won’t), then what are we doing?

When someone does catch the virus, like Trevor Lawrence stated so nicely, they are in better hands on campus than off of it. That goes for just about every American out there. Even if an athlete is asymptomatic on campus, their positive case will be found. In normal life, that’s not the way it works.

Let these young adults make their own decisions just like others get to. Do it without guilt trips too. Do you get a guilt trip about the possibility of spreading Covid to your family members because you go to work? No.

Also, if you profit off of college football you don’t get to speak on this issue (according to Mike Florio).

Even with all of these blue check marks ignoring players or talking them down, the #WeWantToPlay hashtag gets more and more popular. It is currently blowing up over on Twitter and I want to believe this is going to make a difference. I just wish these players would have come out sooner, to voice their desires.

Just keep them coming I guess….

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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