Hey Vikings, Stop Trusting Kickers to Win Games.

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How many times do we have to get burned by place kickers in this godforsaken state before we realize that they can’t be trusted in big moments? Apparently, 147 times wasn’t enough. We needed Gary Anderson Blair Walsh Daniel Carlson Greg Joseph to kick us in the proverbial sack for that 148th time.

We like it. Some things just feel right. We don’t get nice things in Minnesota and this afternoon was just the latest proof. Everyone knew what was coming. That should make it easier, right?


Minnesota Vikings kickers should be seen as fire extinguishers. You only use them when you absolutely have to. Avoid them at all costs. Are you better off using an extinguisher than letting your house catch blaze? Yes, but why not avoid the fire and the extinguisher in the first place?

The last offensive play of Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals ended at the Arizona 18-yard-line with 41 seconds left on the clock. The Vikings still had one timeout left. Instead of rushing to the line and spiking the ball or using that final timeout, they let the clock run down to 4 seconds and sent Greg Joseph onto the field to lose the game.

Kirk Cousins is the most careful quarterback in the NFL and 41 seconds is a lifetime. There are so many options that the offense could have taken to the end zone. They could have thrown short anywhere on the field if they wanted to play it safe or they could have taken their timeout and thrown 2 shots at the endzone, if they wanted to play it aggressive.

Anything would’ve been better than, “alright Greg Joseph will take us home from here”. No he won’t. Because he’s a kicker and kickers can NEVER be trusted to win games once they put on a Minnesota Vikings jersey. It’s just science.

Play to win. Go for the end zone.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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