Gersson Rosas and Married Mistress Busted at United FC Match Last Weekend

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The Gersson Rosas extra-marital affair story, as expected, has gotten juicier on Thursday. There are pictures that reportedly exist showing Rosas and his (also married) mistress getting a little too close during a United FC Loons match last Saturday. The Minnesota Timberwolves had rented out a booth for players and personnel.

Photo Evidence

Bleacher Report claims to have two pictures of the couple that night, along with more dirt on the entire situation. After the two were together at the soccer match, word of Gersson Rosas affair spread through NBA backchannels “like wildfire”.

Ownership was made aware of Rosas’ transgressions with the staffer when team officials were provided with photographic evidence of their connection, sources said. It seems few if any in Minnesota and around the league had general knowledge of Rosas’ relationship until Wednesday, when the news quickly spread throughout the organization, and to rival team personnel, like wildfire.

Rosas and the woman, each of whom is married, were seen kissing in a suite during a Minnesota United FC game last Saturday at Allianz Field​​, sources said. The soccer club was told to reserve luxury seating for several Timberwolves players and personnel, including assistant coach Pablo Prigioni. Two seats were filled by Rosas and the staffer. 

Those pictures have been obtained by Bleacher Report. One photograph is a close-up shot, clearly showing Rosas and the woman sitting beside one another in light blue cushioned seats, behind the suite’s protective plexiglass. A second photograph follows, where the two have leaned towards one another for a romantic embrace.

Jake Fischer – Bleacher Report

The photos mentioned haven’t hit public circles yet. In fact, it appears that Bleacher Report is the only site reporting access to them. Or, they’re the only outlet willing to write about it. Wolves assistant coach, Pablo Prigioni, is the only other person mentioned as present that night in the luxury suite. That, in itself, seems odd.

If anything else comes out, this blog will be updated or another one will be written.

Divisive Atmosphere

Bleacher Report is the latest outlet to make known that Rosas’ affair only rushed the inevitable. There was way too much friction in the top ranks for that regime to survive, especially through an ownership change. Other executives around the league started to ask question in July. The Timberwolves hosted a four-day pre-draft workout where Gersson stayed as far away from his staff as possible.

When the Timberwolves co-hosted a group predraft workout in July for 48 players over four days, it was open to attendance for all 30 teams, and rival team officials observed how Rosas never joined his own Minnesota staff during the event. While they all congregated in a section of the Target Center, sources said, Rosas instead spent the majority of the time on the opposite sideline with then-Jazz executive vice president Dennis Lindsey, a mentor dating back to their shared days in Houston and whose Jazz co-hosted the event. 

Jake Fischer – Bleacher Report

Just your latest reminder that not everything is how it appears. Nice words don’t make nice people.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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