Gerson Rosas Fired in Part Due to Romantic Affair with Staffer

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The Minnesota Timberwolves fired President of Basketball Operations, Gersson Rosas, on Wednesday and more details are coming out as to why. Yes, a toxic environment that he seemed to have created within the organization is #1. But there appears to be a second reason for his sudden dismissal.

Rosas Affair?

Multiple reports are being filed tonight, saying that Gersson Rosas was having an affair with someone inside the organization. Here is one paragraph of a scathing piece written by The Athletic tonight. Other outlets, including WCCO and the Star Tribune have reported the same things.

With a handful of days before the start of training camp, people across the NBA were stunned by the Timberwolves parting ways with Rosas. It was clear the heap of issues, from office morale to the lack of success, had decayed the Timberwolves’ front office and sources say those were the driving force behind the move. But why now? In recent days, the organization discovered that Rosas, who is married, had a consensual  intimate relationship with a member of the organization, The Athletic has learned from multiple sources. It made several people within the organization uncomfortable, sources said. While this was not the reason for Rosas’ dismissal, it certainly impacted the timing.

The Athletic

WCCO’s Mike Max says based on conversations, Rosas is out for two reasons: a culture he created that allegedly was toxic, and for an “inappropriate relationship” inside the organization.


More details needed

Unconfirmed internet rumors name Rosas’ executive assistant as his affair partner. Who knows how long Rosas would have lasted, had his affair not reached Glen Taylor in recent days. There’s little doubt, however, that this was “the final straw” and why the hammer came down today.

We’ll wait for even more details to come out on this situation because there’s a lot to unpack. Even if it’s frowned upon by most, an extra-marital affair isn’t usually your employer’s business. Unless the other person involved is a direct subordinate, which appears to be the rumor here.

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