Everson Griffen Posts Concerning Stories on Instagram and Has Allegedly Locked Himself in His Home

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Early Monday morning, Everson Griffen started posting to his Instagram stories asking for help. He also posted screenshots of text messages he was sending to “Murph”, asking for the same thing. He felt in danger. Everson also posted a video.

We do not yet know how this story ends so please keep that in mind as you go through this blog. Even the posts themselves have since been deleted. We are only now starting to find out how this has and still is playing out. Everson Griffen has allegedly locked himself in his own house, where he still remains. Authorities believe him to be alone.

The Minnesota Vikings, via Twitter, have released a statement that says they have mental health staff on-site at Griffen’s home and that they are cooperating with law enforcement. Local law enforcement has also released a statement with some of the information you read from above. Those statements are also embedded at the bottom of this blog.



As of 10:45 AM CT, the Minnetrista Police department was on site at Griffen’s home and have been there since 7 AM Wednesday morning. Griffen, at that time, was still refusing to come out. The statement also says that Everson told 911 dispatchers an intruder was in his home and that he has fired a weapon. The police were not able to locate an intruder. Authorities are confident Griffen is alone inside of his house.

We will keep you updated as more comes out. Hopefully this comes to a quick and positive resolution and nobody is or gets hurt. Here are the statements from police, the Vikings and comments from Mike Zimmer.

Everson Griffen, has battled with his mental health in the past. In 2018, it reached a very public breaking point. After receiving help and getting his mind into a better space, Ev returned to football and thankfully, his time off the field since had been much less newsworthy, until today.

Let’s all hope this comes to an end in the most positive way possible.


The Minnesota Vikings have released another statement saying that, this afternoon, Everson Griffen ended his in-home hold out came out and “is getting the help he needs”. Rick Spielman was on site at Griffen’s house for much of the day and spoke with media in the late afternoon. You could tell the day had taken a toll on him.

Thankfully, the situation peacefully came to an end.

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