New Reports on Griffen Revealing Paranoia, Suicidal Thoughts, and Earlier Vikings Concern

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Sep 9, 2018; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Everson Griffen (97) in the first quarter against San Francisco 49ers at U.S. Bank Stadium. PHOTO:: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports


More reports on Everson Griffen are starting to break early this afternoon and they are revealing the fact that Griffen’s Breakdown last night at the Ivy Hotel (report from yesterday is below) was a culmination of odd and erratic behavior that the Vikings have been worried about for weeks now…

According to this report just released by KSTP, who have been on the front-end of this story since last night, Everson Griffen was kicked out of practice on Saturday before he went to the Ivy Hotel, where the events took place that made headlines (again, story from yesterday is below this update). Throughout all of this, the Vikings even reached out to Griffen’s wife to make sure she and the kids were doing ok, and to check on Everson’s status as well.

Again, according to the report from KSTP, Griffen’s wife said that Griffen hadn’t been sleeping and was even expressing suicidal thoughts… Chad Graff, from The Athletic, also reporting that Everson was having paranoid thoughts (above tweet) and even tried jumping out of the ambulance.

Here is the full report released today by KSTP. It is clear that Everson Griffen is not in a good state of mind. For now, let’s put football aside and think about the well-being of someone who has been a public figure in this community for a long time.

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Lost in the shuffle of the Vikings embarrassing 27-6 loss Sunday to the Buffalo Bills was a curious no-show, both on the field or even on the sideline:

Look at the injury report from last week. Everson Griffen is listed but it’s a PHYSICAL ailment:


Fast forward to this week. Same name but now something new was on Griffen’s injury report:

“Knee/Not Injury Related” seems odd but the team was keeping very tight-lipped on the situation today, as the rumors swirled around Twitter.

We now know why Griffen missed the game:

So, according to this story by KSTP, Griffen was reportedly threatening to shoot people and staff of this hotel if they didn’t have his room ready… although no gun was found.

He was doing weird things like pacing around the lobby and laying on the floor. VERY odd behavior. And, according to this report he was never arrested, and actually walked out on his own.

Again, this story may be even weirder than some of the rumors on Twitter throughout the day. None of it really makes a lot of sense right now. Major outlets weren’t even reporting on it up until tonight.

Here are some of the fairly shocking details. The whole story is linked in the tweet above.

It also sounds like this is something Griffen has been dealing with for a while, which is also news to most of us. Everyone is one of the guys the Vikings are putting out at events and in front of the microphone/camera on a regular basis…

This kind of situation obviously goes well beyond the game of football, so timetables for return are meaningless. Looking at how his production will be filled is also meaningless at this point. This is about a person’s well-being. Griffen is clearly not in a right state of mind at the moment and needs to take as much time as he needs to get help. Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs.

UPDATE: Fox 9 is now reporting that Everson did get arrested on Saturday night but it was for trying to break into a teammate’s house after the incident that took place at the hotel. However, team sources are telling other outlets that isn’t true…

UPDATE: As of about 10:25 PM Fox 9 has officially corrected their report from earlier:

More to come as more information is made available.

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