Elevator Operator Shows Josh Dobbs How to Get to Vikings Home Locker Room

Sometimes, you just forget how crazy the sports world is and, how normalized it has become in our society. One of those moments happened on Sunday morning, when a FOX camera caught new Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs getting out of an elevator at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Elevator operator shows Josh Dobbs to his home locker room

Because it’s Dobbs first time at his new home stadium, the elevator operator had to give him directions on how to get to his locker room, a clip that has gone viral and will probably live in Vikings infamy.

Welcome to U.S. Bank Stadium

For those who do not know, the Vikings do not practice at the same venue they play home games. In fact, the two are nowhere near each other. U.S. Bank Stadium, their state of the art home stadium, is in downtown Minneapolis.

TCO Performance Center, their ever-growing state of the art practice facility in Eagan, MN, is where the team spends all of its time, outside of game days at home. The two facilities are about 20-25 minutes from each other, without traffic. With traffic… well… I hope you have gas and your seats are comfortable.

When Josh Dobbs made his Vikings debut last week as the team’s backup, they were on the road, in Atlanta. That means, as you can see in the video, Dobbs had never been in U.S. Bank Stadium until today. Thus, why an elevator operator had to show him the way. Incredible.

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