Check Out the Vikings’ Sweet New Eagan Practice Facility

Look good, feel good, play good win a Super Bowl. If that classic saying is true, the Vikings’ new offices and practice facilities will greatly assist in bringing Skol Nation their first Lombardi Trophy.

Now that the PR friendly co-owner has spoken, how sexy is that place? Wow. When it comes to the new Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center (“TCO Performance Center”), I’m swiping right.

On Monday, the Vikings (mostly staff) moved into their highly-anticipated, new Eagan headquarters. In case you blew past the above video (time is $. I get it.), the TCO Performance Center only occupies approximately 40 of the 200 acres of Vikings’ land along Interstate 494. As Mark Wilf stated, additional development plans for the remaining area include “hotels, and apartments, and things that the public can use.” Good Shit! As a member of the public, I’m all for things that I can use.

However, for now, let’s focus on what members of Purple Nations’ staff and roster can utilize. On Friday, with the Vikings opening their doors to their prestigious new facility, Rochelle Olson did a great job documenting the rich man’s version of Winter Park.

If you wish to view Olson’s article in its entirety you can do so here: Star Tribune Link. While that piece goes in great detail on the nuances of Minnesota’s fresh out of the womb, non-game day residence, here are some of the short-version highlights:

To me, the most glaring difference between the Eden Prairie and Eagan facilities has to do with the all important NFL draft. At Winter Park, GM Rick Spielman, who’s quotes about the TCO Performance Center came off like a kid in a candy store, used hand-moved magnets to alter the Purple’s draft-board. Even though it seems like a decade overdue, the fact he’ll now have an electronic version will be a huge asset preparing for, and during late-April’s three-days of selections.

Like Spielman and the front office, the players’ work life just got a whole lot better. In regards to a few of their perks, I’ll let Olson’s Tweets do the talking typing:

For Mike Zimmer fanboys/girls like myself, no need to worry. Our beloved head coach wasn’t forgotten. Per his request, the teams’ new auditorium features a seat up front, just for him. In college professor fashion, Zimmer’s custom spot allows him to make eye contact with the entire room of athletes. While certain players might not love that feature, the whole roster is sure to appreciate their new cushioned chairs and cup-holders (Eden Prairie had a makeshift theatre with hard chairs and folding tables).

In conclusion, not only does the new building seem amazing, but the brief diversion from the lingering QB conversation was appreciated. While who ends up under center, for the Vikings, will probably be the biggest decision of Rick Spielman’s career, it’s encouraging to see he knocked this (almost equally as important) previous dilemma out of the park:

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