Doubling Down vs the Andrew Wiggins Apologists

Photo: Jordan Johnson: NBAE/Getty Images
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Don’t worry, Andrew Wiggins.

Everything I wrote about you yesterday… you can ignore it. The frustration and anger that I displayed is clearly a “ME” problem and something I need to worry about… the power of this website has gone to my head, I guess… and apparently I should get my apology statement ready.

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For those who were upset because the title or caption to the article made you think Andrew Wiggins said something he wasn’t supposed to…. get over it. In fact, I would have been less upset if he would have said “I plan on sitting back and smashing burgers all offseason”, because at least it would be honest. 

I keep on getting this response: “What’s the big deal? Those are just your classic, generic, run-of-the-mill post-season interview answers.”


It’s more proof that nothing will change next season for Andrew Wiggins and that he really doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about winning and doesn’t have a drive to be great. If he cared and next year was going to be his comeback season, he would say something worth more to fans than those googled interview answers he gave to Chris Hine. It shows how much he doesn’t care. He is only here to collect his paycheck and go home. And, what a paycheck that is…. but hey, we have NO REASON to hate on Andrew… so I won’t.

After explaining my anger farther, if you are still butt-hurt by what I wrote about Andrew yesterday, then you are the problem. The reason why Wiggins knows he can continue to get away with mediocre play as long as he averages close to 20 points per game. He can keep you happy with that. No all-star appearances. No all-NBA teams. AND NO CHAMPIONSHIPS. We can’t BEG another team to take him off of our hands but we have to pay him as a top-20 guy. Only here could he do that and not be run out of town.

But that’s ok, Andrew. Everyone can hate me instead of you. I don’t really have feelings anyway. I swear and say mean things so I’m a bad person. You are quiet, politically correct, stick to yourself, and just “go out and do your job” so you are a hero… even though you’ve stolen hours of our time and millions of our dollars…. at least you don’t swear or say mean things… that would mean you had a pulse.

If there are any Timberwolves fans out there who actually care about winning more than the individual feelings of each player we help employ, I’ll be here. I’ll be expecting more and trying to figure out ways to get rid of Andrew Wiggins so we can stop wasting KAT’s time here… 

… while the “real” fans continue making trophies for everybody until Karl leaves so he can finally go win a real one. 

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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