Don’t Count Twins Out on Long-Term Carlos Correa Sweepstakes

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Carlos Correa is a Major League Baseball MVP candidate in his prime. And somehow (because the moon aligned with Saturn on the Winter solstice), he landed with the Minnesota Twins this offseason. But Correa’s contract is a glorified one-year deal that only he can turn into a multi-year commitment.

That isn’t expected to happen, however. Correa is a $35 million per season player. Sure, the Twins were willing to pay his high price for up to three seasons, but they aren’t the type of market that commits to long-term contracts of that price range.

Not so fast…

But according to Jeff Passan (ESPN), we shouldn’t rule the Twins out of the long-term Carlos Correa sweepstakes.

Carlos Correa, SS, Minnesota: Correa’s three-year, $105.3 million deal includes an opt-out after the first season, and if Correa exercises that, he’ll still be the single youngest free agent on the market in the class of 2022-23. Because teams such as Atlanta and the Chicago Cubs are expected to need shortstops following this season, it’s not unreasonable to think Correa will automatically re-enter the market — particularly if he excels in Minnesota. But don’t discount entirely the possibility that the Twins still wind up his long-term destination. Rocco Baldelli is a players’ manager. Minnesota stepped up in free agency to get Correa. And their long-term commitments amount to Byron Buxton.

Jeff Passan knows a lot of people inside all of the right MLB circles. Obviously, I don’t want to discount his expertise on this type of subject. But Jim Pohlad breaking his bank for Carlos Correa, on a long-term contract that would compete with other offers from larger markets, is as likely to happen as getting struck by lightning in the winter time.

If Correa struggles with injuries or has a down season, then maybe. In that scenario, he’s unlikely to get anything longer-term for $35 million per year. Should Carlos Correa play at the MVP level he is capable of in 2022, he’s as good as gone. There’s no way Pohlad matches an 8-10 year offer from the Dodgers or Mets that exceeds $300+ million.

Until proven otherwise, I don’t care if it’s Passan, Olney, Rosenthal or Jesus Christ, himself, I won’t believe anything different.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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