Disguised Kirk Cousins Spotted at Twins vs Astros Sitting Amongst Common Fans Yet Again

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Don’t tell Mike Florio (PFT) but Kirk Cousins has been spotted, yet again, in a 100 section of a Minnesota Twins playoff game. As is well known, Tuesday in the Cousins’ household is spent with family and for the 2nd straight week they’ve chosen to spend part of family day enjoying a postseason baseball game at Target Field.

Kirk Cousins is a man of the people

Kirk isn’t the only local sports star or celebrity at the game today. For example, Johan Santana threw out the first pitch and sat in a suite with Joe Mauer in a luxury suite, one of many at the Twins’ home stadium. Same with a few Minnesota Wild players.

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But not Kirk Cousins. Just like last week, Kirk put on his Kent Clark disguise and sat down with the common fans, where he’d be able to feel the atmosphere best.

Mike Florio is so mad right now…

When Kirk spent part of last week’s family day at Target Field, it should surprise nobody that there were cynics who questioned his investment in being great. One of those critics was Mike Florio, of Pro Football Talk, who called Cousins out, saying “do you think Patrick Mahomes is spending his Tuesday at a baseball game?

Do you want to be great?

Do you? If so, what are you willing to do to be great? What are you willing to sacrifice to be great? Are you willing to work every single day to be great? Because others who aspire to be great are doing exactly that.

More specifically, are you willing to pass on going to a baseball game five days before facing Patrick Mahomes in a game that will result in your team being either 1-4 or 2-3?

Cousins has every right to take the day off. Do you think Mahomes did? Do you think any of the great ones do?

Mike Florio – Pro Football Talk

This is a Kirk Cousins appreciation post

With the Minnesota Vikings now 1-4, I can only imagine the hair Florio is pulling out of his head tonight. But Kirk isn’t going to let a mad Mike ruin his night out at the ballgame with his wife and boys. And frick it, with the common fan like you and me.

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This Viking season looks like it is going nowhere fast and that could mean Kirk Cousins is on his way out. Even if that is the case, I have grown a new appreciation for this man, in his time as our QB1, especially in the last few years. Too bad he couldn’t bring any luck to the Twins, who look like they’ll be down 1-2 going into game 4.

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