David Morgan Talks Coaches, OTA’s, and Some Minneapolis Miracle

Minnesota Vikings tight end David Morgan (89) during the teams night practice at TCO Stadium on Saturday, Aug 4, 2018. (John Autey / Pioneer Press)
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OTA’s are in the rear view mirror as the Minnesota Vikings continue their drive towards the 2019 season.  With offense being the focus of the off-season, starting with the addition of Kevin Stefanski as the full-time OC, followed by the new hires of Gary Kubiak and Rick Dennison; how will this help Quarterback Kirk Cousins as he enters his second season with the Vikings?

I caught up with Vikings TE David Morgan and got his assessment of the new staff, OTA’s, and what he expects from himself in this upcoming season.  (And I couldn’t help but ask for his first-hand account of the Minneapolis Miracle.)

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Since OTA’s were the subject, that’s where we started our conversation. I asked Morgan how OTA’s have changed for him, from his rookie year to now?  “Coming in as a rookie, it was a new team, new offense, a lot of not knowing what to expect”, Morgan said.  As he begins his 4th season (all with the Vikings), Organized Team Activities have changed quite a lot: “Things now are so much more comfortable, cool… There are friendships, established guys..  Kyle [Rudolph] and Rhett [Ellison] taught me how to be a pro”, he said.

With a mix of new and familiar faces around the building, the Vikings seem to have the perfect mixture of different personalities andm the right amount of skill to get this team to the next level.  Speaking of new faces, I asked Morgan about Gary Kubiak and what he brings to the team.  “He’s won a lot of games, his track record speaks for itself.  He knows what it takes.”  We also spoke about their first day at the facility when the new coaches got introduced…  “Coach Stefanski asked Kubiak and Coach Dennison how many Super Bowls they had been in, and they spoke about what it takes to get there.”

In contrast, Morgan recalled when the guys were sitting in the TE Room ahead of the NFCCG in Philadelphia.  “We knew a lot of great players never had gotten this opportunity, it was surreal.  We knew we had to embrace it.”  

In each season, individuals set goals for both the team and themselves.  I asked Morgan what his expectations were in Year 4, as he continues to progress with the Vikings:  “I love this team, I’m a team player.  I’m all about the team” he said.  Morgan spoke very highly of the sense of TEAM this group has “Everyone does their job.  I’m just 1/11 guys.  I do what I’m asked whether I’m blocking or catching the rock.  I want to win a lot of games, not just for this team, but for these fans and for this city.”

Lastly (I know, I know it was 2017), but I couldn’t help myself and had to asked Morgan about his Minneapolis Miracle experience from the Sidelines.

“You have to be positive.  In my heart, was I 100% sure we were going to win?  Probably not.  But you have to believe.  When Case stepped up and threw it I was sort of blocked by some OL, but moved up to the sideline.  I saw Diggs go up and thought, ‘get out of bounds!’  Then I look right down the sidelines and see him running and thinking what the hell?  Diggs untouched?  There has to be a flag.  We just won.  I took off running.  Jumping up and down.  Crazy.  Blew my mind.”

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Brian Heintz | Minnesota Sports Fan

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