Carlos Correa Urges, Expects Twins to Get a Lot Better at Deadline

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The Major League Baseball trade deadline is charging at us. We are now less than a week away from 5 PM CDT, August 2nd. That’s the moment when the fax machine at the MLB offices is shut down for the day. If your deal isn’t sitting in the tray when the plug is pulled, good luck next time.

And nobody needs to make moves at the deadline more than the Minnesota Twins, who sit multiple pitchers away from a playoff competitive roster. The rest of the MLB knows it, too. One anonymous “rival official” told The Athletic that he expects the White Sox will finish at least five games ahead of the Twins, when the dust settles on the AL Central, come October.

Carlos Correa Lobbies Front Office for Improvements

Players in the Minnesota Twins clubhouse can feel it, too. And this season, the clubhouse has a voice in the front office. His name is Carlos Correa. Not only is he a gold glove shortstop and middle of the lineup hitter. But he doubles as a part-time assistant GM and scout. And guess what? He wants improvements too.

I love the way Correa professionally tip-toes his way through these quotes. Yes, he doubles as a front office executive at the trade deadline, but first and foremost, he’s a great teammate. “They know, we know, we all know our needs“.

Yes, EVERYBODY knows what the Minnesota Twins need. If they want to make themselves a playoff-viable team, the front office needs to trade for pitching help. High quality arms. They had previous opportunities to bulk up their staff in the offseason and passed. Now, the deadline approaches and Carlos Correa is on record imploring Falvine to improve the pitching staff. And if they don’t, what happens?

Agents, Players, MLB is watching

Not only would Correa be hightailing out of Minneapolis forever, after the season, but players talk amongst each other. So do agents. Today, the Twins organization has grown a bit of a reputation as a team willing to spend big money on sluggers, as long as contract terms are short and the player is worth it.

For example, Minnesota was named as a possible short-term landing spot for Aaron Judge, when extension talks between his representation and the Yankees dried up. For a mid-market team that has a history of notoriously tight pockets, inclusion in these conversations are a welcomed change.

That’s why I suspect superstar agent, Scott Boras (who gifted Correa to the Twins), is closely watching what Derek Falvey and Thad Levine do, to improve their roster between now and August 2. Really good players across the league, and all of their agents, are also paying attention. It’s difficult to market yourself as a short-term landing spots for superstars if you prove an unwillingness to invest in winning, while rostering said superstars.

Stakes Are Higher Than Perceived

The Twins have the bats to make a run. With Carlos Correa, they have proven playoff bats, to make a playoff run. Now they have to prove to their fans, players and those watching across the league, a willingness to double down when given an opportunity.

Failing to make trajectory-changing trades before the deadline will have a trickle-down effect throughout the fanbase and into league circles, that will run much deeper than what can be seen above the surface.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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