Carlos Correa Sees Himself in Minnesota for a Long Time

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There are a lot of questions surrounding Carlos Correa’s future. It’s been widely accepted, since his signing, that the 2021 platinum glove shortstop would opt-out of his current contract with the Minnesota Twins and choose free agency this offseason.

Well, the Twins are in Houston for the next few days, to play Correa’s former team. Given his uncertain future, an Astros reporter asked Correa before Tuesday’s game, if he ever sees himself returning to the team that drafted and raised him.

Correa Wants to be in Minnesota Long Term

He could have taken his answer in a lot of different directions and nobody would have batted an eye. But he chose to turn his gaze back to Minnesota, where he said he sees himself playing “for a long time”.

By no means does this guarantee Carlos Correa’s return to the Twins in 2023 or beyond. Still, it’s worth reporting on and worth stashing in the back of our minds.

It’s still unlikely that Correa returns to Minnesota next season. His underwhelming 2022 season, however, does open the possibility up to more investigation. At this point, there’s no chance he finds a long-term offer that equates to $35 million per season, right? Because that’s what he’s guaranteed with the Twins, should he choose to opt-into the second year of his deal.

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