Carlos Correa, Scott Boras Back in Contact with Twins

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The Minnesota Twins thought they lost out on Carlos Correa a month ago, when it was announced he was signing with the San Francisco Giants for 13 years, $350 million. Then, Derek Falvey and Thad Levine hesitated to re-engage after a failed physical on the west coast threw Correa back into the free agency pool.

Twins back in contact with Carlos Correa, Scott Boras

New York Mets owner Steve Cohen didn’t, quickly signing Correa to a 12-year $315 million deal. But now another failed physical has put his new big apple relationship on ice too. Both Mets and Giants doctors expressed serious concerns about an ankle injury that dates back to 2014.

Said concerns have put such a snag in talks with the Mets that it appears the Twins are back in the running for their former one-hit wonder shortstop. At the least, according to Jon Heyman (New York Post), they’re again in contact with Correa’s agent, Scott Boras.

There’s been decent hope for two weeks that Correa and the Mets could finalize the agreement, with a few alterations, and Correa’s camp had limited discussions to the Mets until Thursday. But two weeks into the discussions, the unresolved issues have at least led Correa’s agent, Scott Boras, to check in with other teams. The incumbent Twins, who know Correa best and offered close to $285 million over 10 years, were one of the teams in some contact with Boras.

Jon Heyman – New York Post

The Mets are concerned about the lower leg due to an injury when Correa was in the minors, and subsequent operation performed in 2014. While he has missed no days in the majors related to that incident, and according to Boras received no related treatment either, like the Giants before them Mets doctors have raised concerns about how the leg will hold up over a contract that would extend until he’s 40 years old. 

Jon Heyman – New York Post
What are the chances?

It looks like the Mets are still the betting favorites to land Carlos Correa, mostly just because billionaire owner Steve Cohen doesn’t give a shit and is willing to spend as much money as it takes. No matter how reckless it may seem.

It isn’t known how serious those talks with outside teams may be, but one Mets person, who said he was aware Correa’s camp was at least touching base with others, still struck a note of faith that the Mets would get it done when he predicted, “Ultimately, I don’t think Mr. Cohen is going to let him go,” referring to club owner Steve Cohen. 

Jon Heyman – New York Post

Even if Boras is just using the Minnesota Twins as leverage in hopes Cohen will give into whatever demands he and Correa are seeking, the fact he’s going back to the Target Field well seems worth something. If talks eventually fall through with the Mets, other teams would surely be interested.

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You never know…

But it’s the Twins who would know Correa’s medicals better than any other team. If Boras is sick of this run around with other organizations then it would make sense he’d take the offer that’s been on the table in Minnesota for weeks, which is reportedly 10 years, $285 million.

This latest twist has at least added extra intrigue to a situation that everyone had agreed was likely to lead to a deal with the Mets, perhaps as early as by the end of this week, even after they raised an issue regarding Correa’s right ankle in medicals following the agreement. 

Jon Heyman – New York Post

In the words of a very wise man nearly two decades ago… “So you’re saying there’s a chance…?”

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