Cam Newton Can’t Believe Falcons Signed Kirk Cousins Over Him

Cam Newton
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Cam Newton, a former NFL MVP, is venturing into podcasting as his football career gradually winds down. Despite not having officially retired, he maintains a strong belief in his ability to play in the league, displaying his ego once more, he pretty much says the Atlanta Falcons should’ve signed him rather than Kirk Cousins.

Each Wednesday, Newton releases a fresh episode of the ‘4thand1 show,’ on YouTube. In today’s installment, he sets his targets on Kirk Cousins, suggesting that the Falcons should have pursued him in free agency, or traded for Justin Fields, instead of paying $180 million for a QB with one lone playoff victory in 12 appearances.

“It’s extremely alarming that he has only one playoff win in 12 years. He’s coming off an injury. Why didn’t they get Justin Fields? I can’t make it about me, but if I were to make it about me, it’s like, I’m in Atlanta, but, damn, who is your agent?”

Cam Newton

Should Falcons have signed Cam Newton instead of Kirk Cousins?

It’s ironic because he’s making it all about himself. He craves attention, and he knows he’ll get it. Don’t get me wrong, Newton had one of the most remarkable NFL seasons in 2015, going 15-1 and winning the MVP. But pretending that he is a better quarterback than Kirk Cousins…? Come on.

Cousins has a career record of 78-70-2, reflecting a winning percentage of .527. In comparison, Cam Newton’s record stands at 76-71-1, with a percentage of .517. Their records are nearly identical. Newton may have an MVP but there’s a reason his career fizzled out after a handful of seasons and Kirk continues to get paid.

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It might be easy to sit behind a microphone and say stuff like this, and to be fair, when you’ve won a Heisman and an NFL MVP, you can have whatever quarterback opinions you want.

But there isn’t a sane person on this planet who would take Cam Newton at QB over Kirk Cousins, even at a fraction of the cost. If their were, he would be playing football, not relying on nonsense statements during podcasts to keep him relevant… or fights at little league football games.

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