Cam Jordan Calls Out Kirk Cousins During Pass Rush Summit

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Kirk Cousins has gained a reputation among many of his peers, as a quarterback who often thinks too much and reacts too slowly. He has all the physical tools needed to be a great QB and, when given time in a good pocket, Kirk will make defenses pay nearly every time. But when the offensive game-plan goes awry, Cousins’ instincts can be slow to kick in.

Cam Jordan throws shade at Kirk Cousins

New Orleans Saints pass rusher, Cam Jordan, is clearly one NFL player who buys into these Kirk Cousins stereotypes. Jordan was speaking in front of a group of pass rushers at Von Miller’s annual pass rush summit about the importance of playing fast and thinking less. His speech, which didn’t mention any other player specifically, ended with a rehearsed shot across the bow at Kirk Cousins.

“A fast wrong decision can be a right decision. A fast right decision, you’re a winner. And a slow right decision will get your ass on the bench. Cause there’s someone out here that’s going to be moving at a different speed. Slow right decisions, we love ’em. We call ’em Kirk Cousins…”

Cam Jordan at Von Miller’s Pass Rush Summit
Why so mad, Cam?

As I pointed out at the start of this blog, Kirk Cousins is more of a thinker than a reactor. But he isn’t the only QB who is like that around the NFL. He’s just the best one. Kirk has found ways to work around one of his biggest weaknesses to become one of the most proficient quarterbacks in the NFL, regularly throwing for over 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns just about every season of his career.

What Cam Jordan’s shade really shows us is just how frustrated the Kirk haters are right now. There are 70+ QBs on active NFL rosters every year. Kirk is among the 10 best. So picking on the best “overthinker” in the league doesn’t make much sense.

Especially when it’s Kirk Cousins who has dominated his matchup vs Jordan’s Saints. In fact, the Vikings have just one playoff win since Kirk took over as QB in 2018. It came against Jordan’s Saints and included a couple of late-game dagger from Cousins.

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