Bill Simmons Wants NBA to Flex Timberwolves into National Spotlight

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The Minnesota Timberwolves are one of the best teams in the NBA and those who don’t know should be made aware. And that’s not even coming from me or another local media source. This is what one of the most well-known NBA media members in the world, Bill Simmons (The Ringer) is saying.

Bill Simmons calls for NBA to start flexing Wolves into more primetime slots

On the most recent episode of his self-titled podcast Bill and his guest, Joe House (The Ringer) named the Timberwolves as one of four teams the NBA should start flexing into national TV games, when the scheduled game ends up not being a good one.

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For example, Golden State is continually being shoved in front of national audiences, even though the roster is a skeleton of the super team it once was. If the Warriors are on the schedule for TNT or ESPN, on a given night, and there’s another matchup that’s almost guaranteed to be more exciting, why not swap them out?

Simmons: “[The NBA] should audible and flex [games]. We want more Oklahoma City, they’ve been the League Pass MVPs. More Minnesota.”

House: “Love Minnesota, love to see them.”

Simmons: “Like last night, they had Golden State vs New Orleans on ABC. Minnesota vs Boston, which was one of the best games of the year, is just on league pass. Why didn’t they flip those? Why didn’t they use common sense and say, ‘what’s the better game’?”

Bill Simmons Podcast (4-minute mark – 1/12/24)

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Give the people what they want – More Minnesota Timberwolves

Simmons is right and I’m a little bit surprised the NBA doesn’t flex regular season games throughout their national TV schedule. Nobody wants to watch the Golden State Warriors get blown out by the New Orleans Pelicans and, as Joe and Bill discuss, the league is in a transition period right now. There are young blossoming stars, like Anthony Edwards, all over the league.

House: “This is a transition moment in the league. Kevin Durant is old, LeBron James is old and Steph Curry is old.”

Simmons: “Old stars, but old.”

House: “Yes, still the most important stars. But we are transitioning. And so I want to see other teams. I don’t want to see the Warriors anymore. I’m tired of the Warriors. I’m done.”

Simmons: “So the Warriors on ABC last night wasn’t too exciting for you?”

House: “Well, it delivered exactly what I expected. The Warriors can’t compete with the Pelicans and the didn’t.”

How bad is it, right now, with the nationally televised games? Great question. Maybe ask Reggie Miller, who thinks there are a lot of people out there who still do not not who Anthony Edwards is.

Is that true? No probably not. I’m not exactly sure what Reggie was smoking before let this take slip off his tongue. Of course, Ant would be more well-known if he was in a bigger market. But there are other ways that the NBA could shine more light on the mid-market superstars, too.

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One of those ways is to take Simmons’ advice and start flexing bad pre-scheduled primetime games out with matchups that make more sense.

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