Apparently, Anthony Edwards Can Act Too

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Many laughed when Anthony Edwards told us how good he is at… well, everything. Name the sport, and Ant promised to dominate it. So far, the up-and-coming NBA star is yet to be proven wrong. But apparently, the latest example of Ant’s talents were recently exposed in a different type of arena.

In June, Adam Sandler has a basketball movie releasing on Netflix called “Hustle”. He stars in it, alongside former Minnesota Timberwolf, Juancho Hernangomez. There are a bunch of NBA players who reportedly make appearances in the film. But on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday, Sandler and Patrick fawned over one athletic actor in particular, Anthony Edwards.


“Hustle” is about a “down on his luck” basketball scout (Sandler), who thinks he’s discovered a new phenom talent (Juancho Hernangomez) overseas. Without his European team’s permission, the two travel to the United States for a shot at the NBA.

Behind the camera, Hustle is a team-up between two very different worlds: sports video games and Oscar contenders. The drama is co-written by Will Fetters, one of the scribes behind A Star Is Born, and Taylor Materne, who penned NBA 2K19 and 2K20. Filmmaker Jeremiah Zagar directs with Adam Sandler producing as part of Happy Madison’s overall deal with Netflix alongside producer LeBron James. Keep reading to learn the Hustle general deal, from its star-studded cast to release date — and even see Sandler and co-star Queen Latifah take a romantic stroll in character.

With the Netflix original movie still months away from dropping, there are very few trailers or clips on the internet. But I did find one. It’s less than ten seconds long… but guess who’s in it? I couldn’t have cared less about this movie until today. This also explains why Sandler wanted to chat up Edwards when the Wolves were in LA back in November.

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