Anthony Edwards Wasn’t Joking About His Football Skills and He Brought Video Evidence

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Anthony Edwards has become an internet sensation for a variety of reasons during his rookie campaign in the NBA. Whether it’s embarrassing a defender on the basketball court or embarrassing himself during interview sessions, Ant has become a loveable fan favorite already.

But there was one interview he did with Marney Gellner (Bally Sports North) right after being drafted, where Anthony humbly talked about the talent he has in other sports, one of them being football; the others being just about anything else you can think of, cooking included and trash can ball included.

A1 From Day-1

Well, we are yet to see any evidence as to Ant’s cooking or trash can ball skills but he did take to Instagram recently to show us that he wasn’t kidding about what he used to do on the football field. After a bit more research, it turns out Edwards was somewhat of a football prodigy when he was 10-11 years old. He played for a team in Atlanta nicknamed the “Vikings”. He was a star, playing all the major positions.

The full video that Ant was watching when he posted to his Instagram story is easy to find. It’s on YouTube and was posted in 2012. But there are others out there too. Nothing hides from the internet.

We might not have evidence for other sports yet but at Anthony Edwards’ size and with his skillset, who are we to doubt him after seeing these football highlights?

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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