Anthony Edwards Has No Idea Who Alex Rodriguez is; A-Rod Introduces Himself

Alex Rodriguez is a big deal. As far as iconic professional athletes are concerned, you can’t name ten over the last 50 years who are more iconic than A-Rod. The dude came up with the Seattle Mariners right after Ken Griffey Jr and they were supposed to be the next MLB super team.

But after Griffey left for Cincinnati a few years earlier, A-Rod hit free agency in 2000 and would end up changing the way contracts were written in sports, inking the first $200 million deal in pro sports history. At just 25-years-old, A-Rod signed a $272 million contract with the Texas Rangers. He followed that up with a raise to $275 million with the Yankees before the 2008 season.

All that money went along with 12 all-star games, 3 MVP awards 10 silver sluggers and a World Series championship in 2009. That’s before you get into his steroid story. Alex Rodriguez was the face of the entire MLB steroid era scandal when it first broke. That blew his name into another stratosphere.

Then there’s off the field

Oh, we haven’t even talked about what Rodriguez has done off the field. A-Rod is a real estate tycoon and even better in the investment game where he’s made a bunch of money in shit like coconut water and snapchat. Oh, and he’s married to Jennifer Lopez, who is a pretty big deal in herself.

A-Rod is also on TV all the time, calling baseball games and working in-studio for Fox Sports on a weekly basis.

And now, he’s about to be a minority owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves with a succession plan to become majority by 2023. Anthony Edwards is an NBA rookie and will have big dollar signs in his eyes by that time. Will A-Rod pay him?

Don’t ask Anthony Edwards because he doesn’t know anything about the new (probable) Wolves owner. He’s never heard of this dude they call “A-Rod” or why he is such a big deal. “I don’t know anything about baseball”.

A-Rod introduces himself

Of course, the prospective Timberwolves owner caught wind of the media exchange with Edwards pretty quickly and took to Instagram to introduce himself to the NBA rookie. Edwards responded back and hopefully this is the start of a great relationship.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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