Adam Thielen Rehashes Infamous Sideline Dispute w/Kirk Cousins vs Bears; “That’s the Type of Leader You Want”

Robert Smith and Adam Thielen joined Dan Barreiro recently during the COVID-19 Thielen Foundation radiothon and the whole interview was fire. There were a couple of comments/questions that deserved a blog though.

Do you ever remember Robert Smith puking after long touchdown runs? This emailer does.

100.3 KFAN Radio – Dan Barreiro Show

Smith was asked about his “barfing” after some of his TD runs. He started by saying, “I’m surprised it took this long for this to come out… That was my calling card.” It was something he always did because, as he explains it, he would get so energized and amped up on long runs. He described it as “falling backwards in a chair but catching yourself… in a good way.”

He said the first time he ever did it on national TV, was when he was playing for Ohio State, vs Texas Tech. What’s better than a Robert Smith vomit story?

Thielen + Kirk Sideline Feud

Thielen was asked the same thing. He dealt with something similar, but on the basketball court. At the beginning of high school basketball games, (that’s what he thought his college sport would be, apparently) he’d get nauseous. He’d have to exit the court right after tip-off and throw up, but after that, he was locked in, and ready to go. A telling tale of how into the game these guys get, and how badly they want to win.

Robert is called on by Barreiro, to ask Thielen a question. Smith chose one that a lot of Viking fans have been asking about for a couple years now. “Tell me a Kirk Cousins story about you getting onto the sidelines and getting in his face.”

Thielen was quick to choose that infamous moment on the sidelines in Chicago, when Kirk was showing him how to run a corner route correctly. Adam shed some truth on what actually happened. “2 weeks before that we had kind of ran a similar route, and I ran it the wrong way, I kinda won… but I shouldn’t have ran it that way.”

Maybe I’ll stop here. The Kirk Cousins haters may not be able to hear the rest of this… nah, I’ll keep going.

Kirk the leader?

“I think that’s what’s cool about Kirk, he’s not afraid to say… ‘no, this is what you have to do’ and we’re not going to have any ill will towards each other and we are going to be great friends off the field. That’s what you need, that’s a leader.”

Whoa… Kirk haters better cover their eyes when they read that last sentence..

Again, everything about Thielen hating Cousins, and Diggs hating Cousins continues to be proven wrong. Clearly, Adam isn’t questioning Kirk’s leadership. It clearly appears that all the hate towards Kirk is some strange personal vendetta for some fans…

Brian Heintz | Minnesota Sports Fan