Adam Thielen Educates Carolina Media on How Calls Go When Playing vs Packers

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers
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The Minnesota Vikings will play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday in a week 17 matchup that will probably decide the playoff fate of both teams. Late season games vs the Packers, and what to expect from referees whenever playing Green Bay, is nothing new around these parts.

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But NFC North common knowledge isn’t as common out on the east coast among Carolina Panthers fans and media members. That was until Christmas Eve, when this late-game (obvious) incompletion from Jordan Love to Romeo Doubs was reviewed and called a catch by NFL officials.

In most scenarios, this being called a catch would be absolutely shocking. The type of call that makes you question everything about what is real and what is not, in the world of professional sports. But not if it’s an NFL game and when one of the teams on the field has a Giant G on their yellow and green helmets.

Adam Thielen educates Panthers reporters on life vs the Packers

That’s why, after the game, long time Viking and even longer time Minnesota sports fan, Adam Thielen, found himself in the Panthers locker room explaining to Carolina reporters how calls like the one on Sunday are to be expected when playing against Green Bay. Even if you’re the home team.

Thielen: “At full speed that’s no catch. So… that’s kind of what you get when you play the Packers.”

Reporter: “What do you mean by that?”

Thielen: “Usually they get the benefit of the doubt on some calls.”

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Thielen realizes, after the transcribed exchange above, that he may have just put up a headline quote for everyone back in Green Bay, so he quickly turns to praising the Packers about how his discourse regarding that one call did not discount the Packers win, that they came in and earned it.

But we all know what AT was really thinking.

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