Justin Jefferson in Attendance at Target Center for Timberwolves vs Suns – Game 1

Justin Jefferson, Timberwolves vs Suns

The Minnesota Timberwolves vs Phoenix Suns has officially tipped off at Target Center and the atmosphere to start game 1 is absolutely wild.

Weird Question: Would the atmosphere at a Timberwolves postseason home game have any effect on whether or not Minnesota Vikings superstar wide receiver Justin Jefferson gets an extension signed this offseason to remain in the Twin Cities? Probably not. But it can’t hurt, right?

Justin Jefferson at Timberwolves vs Suns (Gm. 1)

At least, that’s what I am going to tell myself. Because I am entranced with the Target Center atmosphere this afternoon, just watching it on TV. And Justin Jefferson is reportedly in attendance, taking in all the vibes of an absolutely raucous building, right down the road from where he executes his own toil.

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I’m not saying that JJ being in the house tonight makes it any more likely that he remains in Minnesota. But have you been watching these playoff and play-in games the last few days? Let’s just say that not all fanbases care about their professional sports teams like Minnesota sports fans do.

And nobody knows that better than Justin Jefferson. Last we heard, talks between JJ and the Vikings are expected to get serious immediately following the NFL Draft next week.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Timberwolves playoff game…

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