NFL Oddsmakers Have Vikings Losing Nearly Every Game on Newly Released Schedule

Minnesota Vikings 2024
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The unveiling of the Minnesota Vikings’ schedule for the 2024-25 season has sent waves of anticipation through the fanbase, as supporters eagerly pore over matchups and dates, fueling their hunger for the season ahead.

Not long after the NFL schedule was released, sportsbooks had odds out for every single game. How high are oddsmaker on the new-look Vikings, entering the 2024-25 season? Let’s just say… optimism is hard to find.

The Vikings may have used the first round of the NFL Draft to add Dallas Turner to their defense and replace Kirk Cousins with JJ McCarthy, but their offseason didn’t impress NFL oddsmakers, who remain skeptical about how many wins this new-look team can pile up this season.

Oddsmakers don’t believe in 2024 Minnesota Vikings

As of Thursday morning, DraftKings gives the Vikings an upper hand in only three games this season. Of course, it’s the NFL (any given Sunday) so the spreads are small in most of these matchups.

WkOpponentSpread Moneyline
1@ Giants +1-108
2vs 49ers+6+210
3vs Texans+3.5+164
4@ Packers +4.5+170
5vs Jets +4+154
7vs Lions+3+140
8@ Rams+3.5+145
9vs Colts -1-110
10@ Jaguars +3+136
11@ Titans -1-115
12@ Bears+3+130
13vs Cardinals -1.5-120
14vs Falcons +1-102
15vs Bears +1-110
16@ Seahawks +2+105
17vs Packers +2+110
18@ Lions +5+170

But no doubt, there’s money to be made if you are optimistic about what Kevin O’Connell can do with his new QBs, and what Brian Flores’ defense will look like now that he has more of a hand-picked roster.

It’s definitely hard to accept that the Vikings are only favored to come out on top in three games of their 17 games next season. But as soon as training camp kicks off and the season gets underway, the optimism is sure to shine through anyway.

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At the end of the day, morning-after schedule release odds shouldn’t define the Minnesota Vikings’ 2024-25 season. In reality, anything can happen. The NFL is the league of ultimate parody. Surprise teams jump up and fall every single season. Nevertheless, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Vegas is writing them off already.

Worth noting: DraftKings might only have the Vikings favored in three individual games this season. Yet, they’ve set Minnesota’s over/under win total at 6.5, a number that wouldn’t get them into the playoffs, but a number that is more than double the number of games they are favoring the purple to win.

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