Thor: Key to Vikings’ Draft Lies in Correctly Calling Giants’ Bluff

NFL: New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings
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Minnesota Vikings general manager, Kwesi Adofo Mensah, has a lot to keep his eye on come the night of April 25. And outside of Caleb Williams going No. 1 to the Chicago Bears, it’s impossible to know how the top of the NFL Draft will play out, which makes it very difficult for the Vikings to know what they will have to do to land their new franchise quarterback.

Will the top four quarterbacks go off the board in the top five picks? That would be historic. For it to happen, though, at least one trade up from a QB hungry team would have to occur. Neither the Arizona Cardinals (No. 4) or the LA Chargers (No. 5) are taking a QB. So, will the Vikings, Broncos, Raiders or another surprise team pull that trigger?

Thor: Key to Minnesota Vikings draft is the New York Giants at No. 6

Well, according to NFL Draft guru (not to mention Vikings fan and MN native) Thor Nystrom (Fantasy Pros, Betting Pros) during an interview with Sportsnaut’s Scott Gulbransen, it appears the New York Giants, currently slotted at No. 6, hold the key to the above questions.

“From Kwesi’s perspective [it’s what I refer to] as the ‘Calling the Giants Bluff Gambit’. If you wanted to save the draft equity — to save the 23rd pick, save the first round pick next year — [because] you would have to presuppose that the Broncos do not have the assets to pony up big, to move ahead of the Giants, either, and that Jim Harbaugh is not going to trade with [the Broncos] anyway, because he doesn’t want to give his son JJ McCarthy to a division rival, it would just come down to, ‘are the Giants telling the truth when they put that stuff out in the media that they will take a QB [at No. 6]?

Because if they’re lying and they would take, let’s say, a receiver — which they desperately need — that means [the Vikings] could trade with number seven, as long as you beat the Broncos’ offer, and give up much less than you would, certainly for No. 3, but even for No. 5.”

Thor Nystrom (via Sportsnaut)

This wasn’t the only thing that Thor went into during this interview that concerns the Vikings. For example, Nystrom has been a JJ McCarthy supporter since before most of us even knew he existed. He claims in this 20-minute interview that the only people who don’t like the Michigan QB are those who have never watched him.

He also believes that, because the Giants lie in wait at No. 6, that it’s the Los Angeles Chargers who are the most likely trade partner to complete a deal with the Minnesota Vikings.

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Oh and one more nugget, Thor also wonders if the Patriots could drop their ridiculous asking price for the No. 3 overall pick, if it’s Drake Maye is the QB who falls into their laps. That they are hoping for Jayden Daniels, and that he wouldn’t be surprised if they become much more willing to move back, should Maye fall to No. 3, instead of Daniels.

“If indeed Washington went another guy outside of Jaden [Daniels], that means Jaden gets down to pick three. I think that’s when the Patriots are like, ‘we’re not trading this unless you absolutely blow our doors off’, something that everyone objectively would think is ridiculous.

I think that’s when the Viking don’t have a choice. But I think in the the other scenario, where Jaden goes [No. 2 to Washington], I think there is that possibility that the Patriots come down in their ask a little bit, the Vikings go up a little bit, and maybe we can meet in the middle.”

Thor Nystrom (via Sportsnaut)
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