Patriots Call Current Trade Offers for No. 3 Pick “Laughable”

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The New England Patriots are reportedly having troubles finding any team in the league willing to pay their compensation demands in a possible trade of their No. 3 overall pick.

That’s because, as previously reported, the Pats are asking for an unprecedented haul, in order to pry that pick away from them. Longtime Patriots reporters Mark Daniels and Karen Guregian ( advanced the story on Tuesday.

New England Patriots calling current offers for No. 3 pick “laughable”

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But not only does New England claim they have not received an offer worthy of entertaining, those in the building say they haven’t even received an offer they consider to be “serious”, even going as far as to call their current offers “laughable”.

According to one source, the Patriots have fielded calls and trade offers for their first-round pick. However, the source indicated that those offers were ‘laughable’ and not close to getting the Patriots to move down. As of now, the team is still waiting for a ‘serious’ offer.

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Of course, we do not know how serious talks for that No. 3 pick have gotten between the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings. All we know is that the two sides have talked plenty and that, as of now, it just doesn’t seem like general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah is willing to get close to the price that Patriots acting GM Eliot Wolf is demanding.

Patriots want ridiculous package from Minnesota Vikings, others

Wolf, and the Kraft family are acting as if they are determined to take a QB at No. 3. Because of that, they are telling teams that they will not trade off that slot unless offered something so ridiculous (supposedly three to four first round picks), that they can’t possibly say no.

If New England really wants to ruin Drake Maye, then that’s on them. But if the Pats are smokescreening for better offers, it’s reportedly not working.

A second source stated that he wasn’t sure that such an offer exists or that another team would be willing to put together an unprecedented package to move the Patriots off the No. 3 pick.

In other words, teams that are a threat to move up, like the Vikings, Broncos and Raiders (maybe the Giants) are playing a big game of chicken with the Patriots. If they take a top QB, there will only be one remaining on the board, given Washington is now set on picking a QB themselves at No. 2.

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Will that lead to a mad dash and ridiculous trade offers coming for the Arizona Cardinals (No. 4) and/or the LA Chargers at No. 5? Probably. Would the Minnesota Vikings win that trade up battle? We’ll see how it plays out.

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