Zimmer Pissed Off Because Offense is Beating Up Defense in Training Camp…

Photo: KFAN
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We are all hoping to see a better Vikings’ offense in 2019-20. Fans have been arguing about how much better the offense could really be, after Stefanski signed on full-time and Kubiak was hired as a zone run specialist. Reports that came early out of camp early-on seemed to be positive. At least, the players seemed to be more comfortable and the operation as a whole looked like it was working better.

But today, Zimmer apparently thinks his new offense is working TOO well because they are beating his defense TOO often….

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Yes, apparently the Vikings offense is continually beating his defense in practice and he is clearly getting pissed off by it. He was literally trash talking his defense. How awesome.

I’m only going to stick to the positive side of this and pretend like there is no way we need to worry about the problems this could present for our defense, over the course of the season. Instead, I am going to focus on the idea that the combination of Kirk Cousins, Kevin Stefanski, and Gary Kubiak, plus a new type of attitude clearly, really could make our offense that much better… to where they are dominating one of the best defeses in the NFL, everyday in practice..

Here is the whole video from the Vikings Twitter account. It takes awhile to get to it. It starts at the 5:47 mark and comes out of nowhere… It starts with this quote:

“We’ve got to play better on defense than what we’re playing right now. We need to play a lot better. The offense has a — lot of… grit and fight and I haven’t seen much out of the defense yet.”

The media was caught by surprise and couldn’t even reach for a follow-up right away. You can hear Courtney Cronin ask another question about Kyle Rudolph. So while Zimmer gives a great answer that nobody was listening to, the reporters dug for their follow-ups about his defensive struggles vs his new offense.

And Zimmer gives them exactly what they want starting at the 7 minute-mark, when the first follow up from his above statement gets asked:

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“If they want to be great on defense then they need to play with a chip on their shoulder and I haven’t seen that yet… I hope they are watching this press conference”

I love Mike Zimmer.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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