Woj Bomb: TWolves Hold Key to NBA Trade Market; “Confident” RoCo Dealt by Weekend

Happy NBA Trade Deadline week, Timberwolves fans! Are you ready to mix things up a little bit? It looks like Gersson Rosas is.

I came across this tweet late last night before running to the Woj Pod this morning. Luckily, Woj wastes no times getting into the Timberwolves likely plans for this week. He started with us because the Wolves apparently hold the keys to free agency… yes, he actually said that.

I think one place to start in the Western Conference, is in Minnesota, because they’ve got… I think there’s multiple possible deals for them, with more than one player. And so, I think they hold a little bit of the key to what this next week might look like.

Adrian Wojnarowski – Woj Pod – 2/2/20

Alright, now we are talking! I’ve been waiting a long time to be excited about the Timberwolves again. This week is that week! When your team is bad like the Wolves are, then all you have to get excited about is offseason and trade deadline topics.

Woj has Bobby Marks on this episode, a former NBA GM and one of the most respected insiders in the league, and this is how they started the show.

But really, this conversation is about Robert Covington. Woj and Bobby mention other trade-able assets, including Gorgui Dieng and Andrew Wiggins. He says that Wiggins is the asset holding the Wolves back from making any huge statement moves… which isn’t surprising.

However, he does mention that Wiggins is only in his mid-twenties, with just 3 years left on this disgusting max-deal, after 2019-20. At least it’s being talked about now, right?

We could definitely see Gorgui Dieng go. He had a bad contract but has played well this year and only has one year left on the deal, making him a desirably commodity at this year’s deadline.

But let’s get to Robert Covington:

Robert Covington is a player I’m very confident they are going to trade, at some point this week and they’ve got to figure out what that deal looks like for them.

I think any number of contenders would like Covington. The question always is, ‘what price?’, and what does it look like? They need a point guard and that’s been a big part of their struggles this year.

Adrian Wojnarowski – Woj Pod – 2/2/20

Woj would go on to talk about how hard the Wolves worked to get D’Angelo Russell on their team last offseason, before the sign/trade with Golden State that landed him a max deal.

Marks and Woj definitely leave the door wide open, on Russell being the asset we get back for dealing RoCo this week… but also says the Warriors aren’t in any hurry to move him.

So, for the Russell addicts out there, you have hope… but don’t get too excited. Either way, both Marks and Woj seem to agree that the Wolves could be one of the most active teams on the market this week and that franchise-altering moves will be made.

And I’m all for some excitement around pro basketball in Minnesota

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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