Will Cam Dantzler Shadow Mike Evans on Sunday?

The Minnesota Vikings are rostering last week’s best defensive player, according to Pro Football Reference. In fact, Cameron Dantzler has been this team’s best cornerback for the last couple of weeks.

Mike Zimmer wanted Dantzler in the offseason’s draft, not only because of his promising talent, but also because of his ideal size as an outside CB in Zim’s defense. He’s 6’2″ and listed at 188 lbs on the Vikings’ website.

That makes him the perfect size to cover some of the taller deep threat wide receivers that exist around the NFC. You have Davante Adams in the North but there’s also guys like DeAndre Hopkins now in Arizona and 6’5″ Mike Evans in Tampa.

Dantzler vs Evans

I’ve been thinking about this all week. I really think it’s more likely that Mike Evans gets shadow treatment from Cam Dantzler, than not.

Evans is strictly an outside guy and Cam is strictly an outside CB. Dantzler also has 3 inches on the next tallest cornerback, who isn’t used only for emergencies.

If I’m Mike Zimmer, I also want to see how big my stud rookie CB’s balls are. You read that right. We all know how much Zim likes big balls. Let’s find out how good Cam really is. Let’s see if he can play #1 CB for a game.

Cameron Dantzler matching up on Evans slots Gladney on Brown or Godwin on all occasions, too. Those matchups also make a ton of sense.

No matter what, the Minnesota Vikings secondary is going to be tested by the abundance of talent in the Bucs receiving core. Throw Gronk in too… and I really struggle to figure out why Tom Brady isn’t playing better.

A lot of Bucs Twitter hates him though, that’s for sure.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan