The Inevitable ‘Minnesota Can’t Hold Anthony Edwards’ Chatter is Here

Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves
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As soon as we started to see the national basketball scene embrace Anthony Edwards as the next big thing in the NBA, we should have known what was coming next.

While most are still concerned about the rising stardom of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ knight in shining armor, and whether or not he is the next Michael Jordan, there’s at least one national TV talk show host who is getting ahead of the game.

TV Host: Anthony Edwards will eventually leave the Minnesota Timberwolves

Monday morning, Craig Carton (FOX Sports) went to the place that all of these radio and TV shows will eventually go, whether it’s sometime during this playoff run or once the Wolves season officially ends. Essentially, ‘nobody likes Minnesota so how long before Anthony Edwards leaves?’

“I feel bad for you people in Minnesota, because you seem like nice people. You seem like nice, good people. [But] I see the future first. You’re going to lose [Anthony Edwards]. You’re going to lose him. You know you’re going to lose him. You’re gonna lose him just like every Minnesota sports town loses their stars. At some point, he’s gonna wake up and go — unless he wins a title there, which is absolutely on the table.”

But at some point there’s gonna be an agent and the agent is gonna whisper in his ear ‘New York or LA’. And that’s what’s gonna happen. So for you diehard basketball fans in Minnesota, you’d better enjoy it now. You better put your arms around it, embrace it, because he isn’t gonna be there forever.”

“Just tell me the last great player that didn’t leave Minnesota. The answer is, they all do. They all left. Even Sebastian Telfair said, ‘enough is enough’.”

Craig Carton – The Carton Show (FS1)

Look, I don’t blame Craig for going here. It’s too juicy of a topic and guaranteed to get the Minnesota fanbase rallying to content, even if the reaction is going to be negative. They don’t care, as long as they views come in.

Every individual situation is different. Yes, nearly every superstar this town has had has left. But you could say that about any town. Hell, if we want to talk basketball, why are we bringing up LA and New York? Even LeBron is struggling to win in LA.

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Anthony Edwards is not your average superstar, though. He’s grounded at a level you do not normally see from a kid as young and talented as he is. As long as the Minnesota Timberwolves are winning and putting good teams around the 22-year-old superstar for the next 5-10 years, I’m not worried about him leaving, even in the slightest.

This is a different era of Wolves basketball and Anthony Edwards isn’t your average superstar, seeking the brighter lights of bigger cities. Treat Ant right and he will bear fruit for the next 1.5 decades, even in the harsh Minnesota winters. Nothing is stopping this kid from blossoming.

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