Who Breaks the Minnesota Sports Curse Before it Turns 30?

Being a Minnesota sports fan is tough because the Minnesota sports curse is real. It makes us tough skinned, though, and tests the loyalty we have to our home teams. We cry, we laugh, we cheer and scream more as the years go by, waiting for the day that one of our beloved teams finally brings home a championship. 


The Lynx, Minnesota’s WNBA team, have been dominant in the last decade, winning four WNBA titles in a span of six years. Their success sparks hope and fantasies of what it would be like if a Minnesota team hoisted the Stanley Cup, raised a Super Bowl banner, added another World Series trophy, or won the NBA Finals. 

The Twin Cities is one of eight metro areas that is home to an MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL team. Out of those eight sports markets, Minnesota has been on the longest championship drought, going back to 1991 when the Twins defeated the Braves in dramatic fashion in Game 7. So needless to say, this fanbase is long overdue to see Minnesota win a major championship. 


That 1991 Twins team was the last major Minnesota team to, not only win a title, but even appear in a championship. Let that sink in. There are full-grown adults raising kids of their own all around the state, who were not alive for the last major Minnesota sports championship bout…

Whose (finally) got next?

Which team is built to win a championship first? I’ll start with the least likely, and work my way to our best hope.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Sorry basketball fans, it’s going to be a very long time (it might take 84 years) before the Wolves win the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. My reasoning is purely based on the lack of overall success since the 2003-2004 season when they finished 58-24, but lost to the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. 

Sure, they have a pair of young stars in Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell, but the luck and fortune of the franchise has been as bad as it gets in the NBA. Unless something magical happens, like drafting an elite caliber player (MJ, Kobe or LeBron?), I don’t see the Minnesota Timberwolves winning the NBA championship anytime in the near future. They stink. 


Minnesota Wild

When people think hockey, they think Minnesota (and Canada). We proudly call ourselves the “State Of Hockey”. This is a perfect description because of the popularity of the sport and the abundance of talent the state produces year after year. 

Minnesota is littered with elite collegiate hockey programs. Not only that, but the high school state tournament sells out the Xcel Energy Center year after year. It’s basically a holiday.

But when it comes to hockey, one thing is missing in Minnesota, a trophy case in Saint Paul with a shining Lord Stanley’s Cup


The turning over of inconsistent coaches doesn’t help the growth of the franchise. Zach Parise and Ryan Suter’s 13 year contracts expire after the 2025 season. Both players are regressing while still taking up an unhealthy chunk of cap space for six more seasons. I don’t see the Wild winning a championship in that time frame.

After Parise and Suter, look for the Wild to possibly reload and rebuild. Luckily, in the NHL, teams can turn around much quicker than in other sports. 

Minnesota Vikings

It’s tough. Every year, and I mean EVERY YEAR, the Vikings find a way to break our hearts. If you asked most Minnesota fans, a Super Bowl win would BY FAR mean the most out of any championship.

The Vikings have been losers of four Super Bowls and six conference championships. Our playoff history has been one to forget. The law of averages heavily favors the side of the Vikings.


With the current front office, an experienced coaching staff, a new team facility and a talented roster, the Vikings are in a great position to not only compete in the NFC but make a playoff run for the Lombardi Trophy in the near future. All we need is a little hope. 

Minnesota Twins

Yes, I’m saying the Twins are the best built franchise to bring Minnesota it’s next championship! The Twins brought in GM Thad Levine in 2016 to clean up the roster and be more aggressive in free agency. He’s done just that by adding some offensive firepower to an already loaded lineup and acquiring pitchers to bulk up the rotation. Levine has built a Twins roster that can become one of the best in baseball in 2020.


The Twins also brought in manager Rocco Baldelli prior to the 2019 season. Previous managers had a conservative and old school approach to the game, but the hiring of Baldelli sparked a new style of baseball, which Twins fans were desperately hoping for. 

As long as the Twins don’t run into those damn Yankees in the playoffs, they can be the first to host what would be an epic party and unforgettable championship parade! 

Minnesota shouldn’t be considered a “small market” for professional sports. The loyal fanfare that spreads along Minnesota and surrounding states is hungry to celebrate and gloat over a championship. Once we can break the curse, the floodgates will open and those confetti cannons would be working overtime! 

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