Vikings Have Serious Trade Offers Rolling in for Danielle Hunter

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It is June 7 and the waiting game between Minnesota Vikings’ GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and a plethora of players expecting new or adjusted contracts before the 2023-24 season continues.

Starting running back, Dalvin Cook, is still on roster and so is their No. 1 pass rusher, Danielle Hunter. Kirk Cousins’ contract is still a lame duck and neither Justin Jefferson nor TJ Hockenson have signed extensions most insiders figured would have been done by now.

Danielle Hunter bringing in heavy trade requests

And because of all the questions that remain, Ian Rapoport (NFL Network) says other teams are calling Kwesi’s phone regularly with competitive offers to “help” the Vikings address their ongoing contract issues with Danielle Hunter, who is unlikely to play under his current deal, which calls for him to make just $5.5 million for the 2023-24 season, about $10 million below market value (transcribed below).

“Yeah, it’s a somewhat murky future for Daniel Hunter in Minnesota. Here’s my understanding of where it stands; sources say that teams have been calling the Minnesota Vikings regarding Danielle Hunter. He has in fact generated some trade interest. This is something we’ve heard rumors about. really for the last, I would say, several months, Tom. And if you try to figure out why, there are a couple reasons. First of all, he is very, very good. Teams usually like really, really good players at premium positions like pass rusher.”

“The Vikings and Hunter have not yet been able to strike a long term guilt to compensate him at a level he wants when the rumors about a player not getting the contract he wants usually there are teams that call my understanding is the interest is is pretty serious now the Vikings have tried to make this work they’ve tried to do kind of a band aid type deal to compensate them for 2023 and then we’ll see after this trade probably would have been a lot easier before the draft because in the bike”

Ian Rapoport – NFL Network (video above)
Kwesi will wait…

Clearly, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah is willing to do whatever he can to make sure he signs Danielle Hunter at a bargain or until he gets plus return in trade value. It’s the same stubbornness we’re seeing as he tries everything thing he can do to get any in return Dalvin Cook.

He has no problem trying to waiting out the market. And every minute that he waits, the more antsy these players get, especially with mandatory mini camps just around the corner.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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