Vikings Can’t Get Out of Their Own Way in Cincinnati

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The best time of the year is officially here and the Minnesota Vikings kicked off their season on Sunday vs the Cincinnati Bengals. The results were a full 5-quarter game that ended in a last second OT field goal by the Bengals. The Vikings will begin 2021 with a 0-1 record.

Dalvin Cook looked like his normal self but even he had troubles finding holes to run through behind the Vikings horrendous offensive line. Kirk Cousins was his normal up and down self, looking like a top veteran passer on one play… and a nervous rookie on the next. Zim’s revamped defense was… ok.

After a slow start by both teams, the offenses did get rolling. But as mentioned, the Vikings’ o-line tried their best to hold the team back.. mostly via penalties. When the final whistle blew, Minnesota committed a total of 17 penalties, 12 of which were accepted. It cost them 116 yards throughout the course of the game but most were in the first half. Cincinnati committed three penalties for 15 yards total. Our worst OL nightmare unfolded before our eyes.

Getting to overtime was a miracle in itself.

Shooting yourself in the foot that many times will eventually kill you and the Bengals should be embarrassed that it took a last second overtime field goal to stop the Vikings’ beating heart. Minnesota trailed 21-7 early in the second half but Cincinnati just kept on giving them chances.

If you want to look for a bright side from this afternoon, you can find the special teams unit. Greg Joseph will be inducted into the Vikings Ring of Honor after hitting a 53-yarder to force overtime. And the day’s other star was new punter, Jordan Berry, who bombed a couple nice balls. His best was in overtime, when he kicked from his own 20 and pinned the Bengals inside of their 10 yard line. It was officially marked as a 63-yarder.

Cincinnati would give the ball back on that drive, going 3-and-out before punting. But just as the Vikings looked like they might actually steal this game… Dalvin Cook fumbled (maybe) at the Bengals’ 37, which was obviously within Greg Joseph’s range.

A psychotic 4th down conversion by Joe Brady and an easy field goal later… the game was over. Where the Minnesota Vikings go from here is anyone’s guess.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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