[VIDEO]: How “Jelly Fam” Blew Up, Bringing Co-Founder Isaiah Washington and Fam to Fame


This is your future, Minnesota Gopher Basketball fans. Isaiah Washington will be the next great thing college basketball player in Minnesota. The sky is the limit for this kid. And he’s driven in multiple facets of life. He should already be a millionaire, but isn’t allowed to be, because NCAA rules prohibit him from making money. That’s right. Hundreds of companies would love to pay Isaiah Washington, and his Jelly Fam, millions of dollars to blow up their new brand. Unlike any normal college kid, or most humans in America, they aren’t allowed to get paid for their work. As a lover of Capitalism, I HATE THIS BULLSHIT. But, I’m moving on.

What these young men are doing is AWESOME on multiple levels. From a business standpoint, this is the type of thing any marketing expert dreams of. If you work for a company, or you run your own, and your idea blows up like this, you’re a hero. You might be rich. You’re definitely the new boss. You are THE F**KING MAN (OR WOMAN…keeping it PC).

And to think it all started because they couldn’t dunk. I still can’t even touch the rim, with my white-boy ups, but these guys decided to make a following out of NOT being able to dunk. Unbelievable. Then, I love Washington’s quote about why they decided to expand JellyFam,¬†once it started getting traction.

“Really, to be honest, we…ah.. just expanded it cause it was gettin us girls…”

But, that isn’t all. These aren’t just random teenagers from the streets of New York. These guys are SMART. They are humble too, for teenagers who have bigger followings than most professional athletes… And they care about the future. They care about kids who are younger than them. They realize what a lot of professional athletes don’t: YOUNGER KIDS ARE WATCHING AND MIMICKING THEIR EVERY MOVE.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this. The fact that these 17-19 year old kids are mindful enough to know the effect they are having on the younger generation, while still staying relevant and being the most “lit” thing around, is incredible. It’s mature beyond their years. But, NO MONEY FOR THEM OR THEY ARE KICKED OUT OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Because this country wasn’t built on capitalism….

I can’t wait to watch this thing blow up and I am so happy Minnesota will be a part of it.

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Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan
MinnesotaSportsFan.com @RealMNSportsFan

Photo: Instagram – @matt_clayburn

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