Victimhood is Karl-Anthony Towns’ Kryptonite


Karl-Anthony Towns has everything in his arsenal to be the best big man in the NBA. His tool box is so stacked with gadgets that it won’t close. Offensively, KAT can take other bigs off the dribble, torch you from deep, run the floor or bang down low. Whatever you throw at him, the Minnesota Timberwolves big man has an answer in his arsenal. Even his defense has seen measurable improvement in 2021-22. At this point of his career, the only dude who can slow KAT, is KAT.

And he’s been tripping himself up a lot recently, becoming his own worst enemy in the process. Karl’s victimhood mentality is making it difficult to stay on the floor and out of foul trouble. Most recently, in a game two loss vs the Memphis Grizzlies. KAT grabbed two quick fouls in the first quarter, but it was his 3rd foul of the night that felt too stupid to comprehend.

Victimhood Mentality

Foul trouble isn’t the problem, though. It’s just a result of the problem. Karl’s real kryptonite is his refusal to take any responsibility for wrong actions. Do you have a kindergarten degree in basketball? If so, the above video is an obvious foul on Karl-Anthony Towns. It’s probably the most obvious leg-out foul in NBA history. Nobody, especially someone involved in the play, would ever think otherwise. Right, KAT?

Wrong, Eric. Because Karl-Anthony Towns will never (ever) admit that he was in the wrong on anything. If there’s a blame sword to fall on, you’ll see Karl-Anthony Towns running the other way. It’s the refs’ fault, the opponents’ fault, the media’s fault, the ball’s fault, your fault, my fault, other fans’ fault and maybe — if he’s going to accept any blame — his size 20’s fault.

Remember the Play-In Game?

Even when KAT tries to take responsibility, he fails. When he fouled out of the play-in game vs the Clippers, Karl would only admit that putting himself in a situation where refs could wrongly call a foul was a bad idea. But he made it clear that the foul calls, themselves, were bogus.

Towns was out of control that entire game vs LA and his 6th foul was no different. He went up for a rebound that he wasn’t in position to grab, knocking down Paul George in the process. Obvious foul to everyone else. But not in KAT’s eyes. Maybe some holy water will help, I guess.

“Sometimes the best play is maybe to not go get a rebound,” Towns said. “Though I knew the game was close … probably not the smartest idea to try and get one. Even if it was minimal contact, no contact, whatever it is. Just the look of it, I shouldn’t put myself in that position. I got to do better in that.”

“I got to be very disciplined in showing my hands, and just praying a lot and putting a lot of holy water on it.”

Karl-Anthony Towns (via Star Tribune)

No Leader

Karl-Anthony Towns will never be a leader and he will never be the best player on a high-caliber basketball team. That doesn’t mean he can’t help win. But he’s not a leader. Those who constantly seek victimhood won’t make good leaders.

So I’m becoming more and more convinced that Anthony Edwards will have to lead the Minnesota Timberwolves to a series victory vs the Memphis Grizzlies this postseason. Or any other team in any future postseason.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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