University of Minnesota Tested 170 Students Athletes for COVID-19, Return Just 7 Positive Results

This evening, the University of Minnesota released their first round of Student Athlete COVID-19 test results. Out of 170 students that were tested, just SEVEN (4%) came back positive for the disease. Here is part of a statement the U of M emailed to media:

The University of Minnesota department of athletics conducted 170 COVID-19 tests during June and seven student-athletes from multiple sports tested positive.

Testing was administered to players from a variety of sports, according to the statement. The 4% positive return rate falls under the nation’s current 7-day running average of 7% (according to Johns Hopkins). That number was closer to 4% last week, though.

Most of the tests administered to the general public, have been given to people with symptoms of COVID-19. You have to wonder what the positive average would be nationwide, should everyone be given the test (symptomatic or not).

U of M Student Athletes Positive for COVID-19

The seven athletes who tested positive, and any positives going forward, will be asked to self-isolate, while being monitored closely by the university medical staff. This won’t be the last bout of testing these athletes endure. According to the statement, another round will be administered before anyone is allowed to resume athletic activity.

Student-athletes who test positive are entered into protocol and are asked to self-isolate. During this time they will have access to all necessary resources and food and will be in daily communication with members of Minnesota’s athletic medicine staff. Student-athletes will undergo additional testing and screening before they may physically participate in team activities. A team physician must also clear the student-athlete before they are permitted to return to athletic activity.  

Contact tracing was conducted and any individual who was potentially exposed was asked to quarantine to help prevent spread of the virus.

This is good news for the University of Minnesota and anyone excited for college athletics to return. Tread lightly, though. We’ll see if the Gophers, and other colleges around the country, can keep that positive rate low.

Once professional and major college leagues around the USA return to their facilities and start releasing test results, how will each league stand against one another? What seems common vs variable around all sports, as athletes around the country return to competition? These are some things to keep an eye on, as we get ready for play.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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