UMD’s Scott Sandelin to Interview for Anaheim Head Coaching Job

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I hope you’re happy, Duluth.

Your hockey team has become such a juggernaut that the NHL is now interviewing your head coach. Congratulations.

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Scott Sandelin has coached the Bulldogs since 2000 and has led them to 9 NCAA Tournaments, 5 Frozen Fours, and 3 National Titles (2-straight + runner-up previousl year). Before Scott Sandelin? Well, UMD entered the WCHA in 1965 and had made it to 4 NCAA Tourneys before his arrival, though they did almost win it all back in ’83-’84…

And now, you will pay for all of that success as the NHL comes calling for your coach…

At St. Cloud State (where I cheer for college hockey) all you do is have REALLY good regular seasons, just to choke down a Big D during every NCAA Tournament. When you operate this way (although UMD’s D1 inception got a 25+ year head start), the NHL stays away, and instead; the other Maroon and Gold Minnesota hockey team comes scavenging. Because, that’s where you want to see your coach go.

It’s like the Packers hiring Mike Zimmer away from the Vikings…

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So anyway, congratulations UMD. You may have your championships but you are about to lose your coach…. was it worth it…?

Fuck…. I hate this post.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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